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How Augmented Reality has helped to Reshape Brands

How Augmented Reality has helped to Reshape Brands

They are usually widely categorized under three categories. When it comes to the augmented reality tools that include the Augmented Reality, where the users place their 3D models in the world with or without the utilization of the trackers for 3d viewing. AR browser is the other that usually enriches the display of the camera with the contextual information. Where one has the idea of the history along with the estimated value of the building with a point over the smartphone. The top augmented reality companies also have the AR experience for the creation of an immersive gaming opportunity with the creation of an immersive gaming opportunity that usually utilized the surroundings that of the bedroom and other places for the best AR experience.                                                                                               

How AR have an impact on brands?

When it comes to revolutionizing the brand experience of the customers, AR is the primary thing that works here. It does hold great potential especially when it comes to augmented reality for cosmetics that usually changes the course of the business functioning as they typically range from tracking ROI to that of gamifying the shopping experience. The following are some of the pointers that would reveal how AR affects consumer experiences.

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Augmented Reality Personalization

When it comes to customer experience, they are offering some seamless Omni-channels. It is such an instance that is very much prevalent in the world that involves clothing, cosmetics along with makeup products. You can check out how to look while you are applying makeup that is there in real-time with the use of facial recognition technology. Even when it comes to the garment’s industry while choosing with an outfit the customers will be able to see whether it would be meeting up with their personality or not before purchasing one.

Real-time Feedback

The customers will be able to provide some instant and valuable feedback with the purchase of the items, as well as sharing the same across most of the channels, and others with this technology. They also form the best piece of information that is there for the digital marketer as the valuable feedback serves to be the best piece of knowledge of the same.

Instant Interaction

It is the best way for the creation of a smooth, interactive experience that is there for the customers helping the marketers for the betterment of customer engagement with the provision for instant interaction that is there for the customers.

ROI Tracking

With the augmented reality service for cosmetics usually assists the brands in terms of tracking the most profitable route in terms of building up the contact for your cash register. It will be helping a lot to get a clear picture of the performance of the market in terms of the products that launched and the analytics that are related making ROI tracking possible.


Games help businesses a lot in terms of indulging the shoppers as well as driving engagement while looking at the competitive edge. It is how the customers would be able to earn points and have a great experience with your brand.

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