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Animated Explainer Video

The introduction is necessary for every object. Visual aids help to represent the product. But powerful and convincing video conveys the message easily. Explainer video performs this task. Animated Explainer video. It is a simple video of 1-2 minutes. It gives an introduction to the product or service. It conveys a simple idea powerfully engagingly. The trend of explainer video started in 2007. The first time, Common Craft uploaded an explainer video on YouTube.

History of marketing

More than a decade has passed, and companies are using this engaging tool to promote their business. As time passed, the popularity of explainer videos increased. An explainer video presents your product or service to convey your message. It lets your product be understood. Similarly, it allows the views to find the product’s values. Such explainer videos educate the prospective customer to get more information about it. It also helps to compete in the market.

Here are some outstanding features of the explainer video:

  • It remains very short.
  • Explainer video targets the benefits of the product
  • It describes the relevant product features.
  • It remains very engaging
  • It conveys a call to action message.

What does the explainer video do?

So, the explainer video explains a product in few seconds. A user has not to spend a lot of time to get relevant product knowledge. A company can showcase explainer videos anywhere. Presently, websites are the chief places to keep explainer videos. Alongside online marketing, a business can showcase in shopping malls and markets easily.

An explainer video explains a product in few seconds. A user has not to spend a lot of time to get relevant product knowledge. A company can showcase explainer videos anywhere. Presently, websites are the key places to keep explainer videos. Alongside online marketing, a business can showcase in shopping malls and markets easily. Because of diversification, explainer videos serve every field. Different content like an educational, corporate, business tutorial and product and services can use this opportunity.

How do we produce an explainer video?

Our team comprises animators, artists, and developers. Order online to become our client. The team members create an engaging explainer video to get your desired results. Technically skilled team members craft the output meaningfully. We are closely connected with our clients. We start with the client’s idea and end up with their solution and satisfaction.

Importance of script in an explainer video.

Explainer video depends on the script. It plays the role of backbone in an animated explainer video. It also explains the business convincingly. It is important to keep your explainer video script very simple but engaging. Just consider talking to your viewers. It is necessary to keep your script as talking to your audience.

Engaging and killer scriptwriting is brainstorming and understanding. The scriptwriter should be very careful about the target. He needs to know the goals of an explainer video. Explainer video length depends on the words. For 30 seconds explainer video, target words may range from 80 to 90 words. For 60 seconds animated explainer video, the scriptwriter should choose 160 words. It will add value to the animated explainer video. The right ratio and balance according to the length of words are very much necessary.

The length of these videos remains very short. But the quality is high. They convey a strong call to action message to viewers. These videos give a very solution to the viewer’s problem. These videos follow a simple structure.

  • How: How this product will serve the customer?
  • What: What is the problem of audience?
  • Why: Why does the audience choose this product?

An engaging combination of visual concept and animation techniques.

In a 3D animated explainer video, developers have many options. Updated technology has enriched the developers regarding animation styles and visual ideas. So, the developer should choose super realistic and relevant to the brand. Similarly, he cannot forget the target audience. In animated explainer video, the animation style is of great importance to deliver the message effectively.

Creation and revision of the animation and storyboard.

After finalizing the animation style, now the developer adds the script and character. Besides that, he develops the video by adding animation style, script, and character. We bring your thoughts to work. It is appropriate to create scenes of the object before starting animation. Keep changing the setting and location. An important rule is working in this industry. It is worth mentioning here. Always keep your animation very simple.

Voice over recording and animation revision

The next step is to record a voice-over. It is appropriate to get the services of a professional for the purpose. Use the professional and quality tool. For voice-over, the speaker’s accent and clarity are very important. It should not be quick or slow. But the voice-over should be understandable and clear.

For voice-over, it is appropriate to find the right voice. The speaker should have a decent and amazing voice that can attract the audience. He should also try to read beautifully. So that, with an engaging script, the voice can also play its part to convince the people.

Wow-How Studio animated explainer video development services.

We at Wow-how studio have an amazing voice-over professional. They manage the voice-over according to the requirement and needs. Even they study the pitch of the speaker according to the script. Besides the above, music addition is also an opportunity.

Now, this is the time to share your animated explainer video.


Concluding the above discussion, it is time to share your animated explainer video with the target audience. We can also use social media or landing pages, etc.

We have equipped our fleet with 2D and 3D animation. Along with others, we also work on whiteboard animation and infographics. We have developed over 2000 explainer videos for different products. Our team members are optimistic about the future. We assure you that our developed explainer video will change your mind by getting maximum market share as profit.

Let’s create an explainer. Just draw your words in this creative brief.

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