How Freelance Recruiter Platforms Like Turing Are Changing the Employment Landscape

As the world quickly went remote due to unprecedented circumstances, countless people found new opportunities with remote work. The sheer flexibility remote work gives has enticed more and more people to embrace it. People understand that full-time remote job opportunities are no longer a fad and that they can work comfortably from their homes.

Remote Model Reshaping the Tech Industry

Freelancing platforms have always been a hotspot for independent short gigs. But with advent of remote jobs platform like Turing which offer steady and long-term remote software development jobs, more and more developers are looking at the alternatives of these short-term gigs.

But how  freelance recruiter platform like Turing helps? Turing is an employment platform that helps companies to hire top 1% of 700,000+ developers. h

Benefits of hiring developers through platforms like Turing

Less operational cost

Since freelance platform like Turing helps you hire employees remotely, you will be saving on operational overheads such as office space, electricity, computer systems, water and so on. It also helps you save the costs of repairs and maintenance of facilities that are worn down by constant employee usage.

Increased productivity

Attending office has always been the conventional approach, but it comes with its set of everyday hurdles. The past one and a half years have shown that people are more productive working from home. Additionally, a report by Forbes shows the remote workers are 35%-40% more productive than employees who are office-based.

Rapid team development

One of the most significant advantages of hiring remote software developers through freelance recruiter platforms like Turing is the ability to find talent faster. Developing a team in an office-based environment has its challenges. Factors like the location of opportunity, cost of relocation for the candidate, and international travel laws always can act as a deterrence for companies to hire skilled candidates. But with freelancing platforms like Turing, companies can quickly rope in the right talent faster and with more efficiency.

Lower attrition

Attrition is a real concern that companies need to look into from time to time. But hiring Remote software developers will significantly lower down the attrition rate. You might want to know how? Since developers get to work in a remote work arrangement, they enjoy flexibility and autonomy over their own work areas, may it be their homes or personal offices. And, we all know that  increased employee satisfaction leads to increased employee retention.

Benefits of Getting Hired by Turing for Developers
Flexible work hours

Almost every professional have felt burdened trying to keep up with the stipulated work schedule. At the same time, work hours/shifts will always be a thing to serve project/process requirements. But with freelance platform like turing, software developers get to work in a remote environment. Developers can choose their working hours as per their schedule, prioritize personal tasks and manage breaks at their behest.

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Career beyond borders

By signing up on Turing, you can work with silicon valley companies from the comfort of your home. You even don’t have to fret about international laws and regulations, turing takes care of it. Besides, Turing alos takes care of your hr, administration and payroll related needs.


As a developer, one would look to ensure finances while also getting to work on challenging projects. Most freelancing platforms like Toptal and Upwork focus on short-term high-value projects, while Turing opens a world of new possibilities. Offering fully remote long-term opportunities can be perfect for developers willing to work remotely.

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