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Top 5 Gaming CPU Coolers for 2021 : Buy now!

Top 5 Gaming CPU Coolers for 2021 : Buy now!

Computers come pre-installed with CPU fans, nevertheless, if you find that your system is always overheating, then it is best to upgrade the air cooler to one of the best CPU air coolers. Doing this will not only fix the issue of overheating, but it is also helpful when you are looking to upgrade your PC.

Below is the list of the best gaming CPU coolers for 2021, which tried and tested and provide the best quality.

1, Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15 is a powerful CPU cooler, which makes sure that the CPU temperatures remain low and levelled out. The high-quality fans of Noctua together with their excellent application of aluminium fin arrays, make the brand one of the best in the industry. The product has huge 140mm fans for cooling, however, they are extremely quiet and keep the processor cool. The Noctua NH-D15 is known for its air cooled options, while it still manages to keep the temperature and noise extremely low.

The best part about this CPU cooler is that various tests have shown that the product is as good as AIO liquid coolers and even better in some cases. Although Noctua NH-D15 can be a little hard on the pocket, it is still worth it and gives the best results.

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2, Cryorig R1 Ultimate

The CRYORIG R1 Ultimate is a dual tower cooler, nonetheless, each tower has two separate sections of fins. It has two huge fans, which come with a Jet Fin Acceleration System aiding increasing the wind current speed through the peak. Even if they are the top gaming CPU coolers, still, the prices are not that much, given their quality. The product is the result of years of research and design and for its manufacturing, the company has bought together several manufacturing and design patents.

Due to the MultiSeg hardware, there is not much complexity in the product, which is a good thing. The cooler is one of the easiest to install and can be installed in a few easy steps. There are also covers of different colours available in the market for these products and the users can buy as per their choice. Although in performance, R1 Ultimate is better than R1 Universal, there are certain factors in which there is not much difference between the two ranges.

3, Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

One of the most popular air coolers available in the market, Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is extremely affordable, which is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. The product offers sufficient power to actually overclock a Core i5 6600k to an amazing 4.4 GHz while maintaining the temperature. The product also known for its strong quality and execution.

Its fan is 120mm in size and backs beat width balance (PWM), which can change the speed of the fan and wind current based on the temperature. Although this product is of the best quality, still there have been complaints regarding establishment issues, which are faced by several clients, however, it cannot be denied that the product is one of the oldest, most efficient players in the market. It provides top cooling performance by offering top of the line fin optimizations, which is flawlessly balanced for operations at almost any speed.

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4, Be quiet Dark Rock Pro 4

As the name suggests, the product hardly produces any sound and is the top CPU cooler of the brand. The product has two virtually inaudible Silent Wings PWM fans, which keep the sound low as the company believes that there is no negotiation in silence and performance for overclocked systems and difficult graphics applications.

It comes with seven advanced technology 6mm copper heat pipes that maximize the heat conductance. The dark cover on the funnels is not only to provide the item an attractive and downplayed chic look. However, it is to enhance heat moves and course. Although the product comes with two fans, it is possible to add another 120mm fan if the need arises.

5, Noctua NH-L9i

Another one from Noctua, the product is a quiet CPU cooler, which is one of the best in the markets. It has thin cases, however, it does not have space for an enormous, multi-fan air cooling arrangement. Nevertheless, there are low-profile provisions, which can cool the processor adeptly, while keeping up a smaller casing, and this product is on the top among them. The cooler has high quality and comes in small sizes, however, its performance is not the best and its price is less than ideal. Moreover, it is only compatible with Intel-based platforms.

Those looking for other options can opt for NH-L9a from Noctua, which is AMD-compatible. However, as the design of NH-L9a is different from NH-L9i, its cooling performance is also different. In spite of its small size, the cooler is heavier than another cooler of similar height. The product allows you to adjust the default configuration in different ways. The installation process of NH-L9i is easy and does not take much time.

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