Which Vehicle Fleet Tracking System Should I Buy?

Fleet Tracking is the use of GPS to monitor the activities of your assets. It uses technology to collect data from the tracked assets such as cars, trucks, or field workers. The fleet tracking system should be able to have customized features and give reports.

The GPS Fleet Tracking system keeps you updated on the activities involving your assets, thus ensuring your business operates efficiently, and drivers are safe.

Choosing GPS Fleet Tracking System software for small businesses.

When you choose the system, make sure you want the one that has the features of your business needs. Here are examples of fleet tracking software for small businesses.

1. Teletrac Navman

It provides small businesses with a robust fleet tracking system. It gives information such as safety measures, reports, and usability of the software. The software can offer services to monitor drivers’ behaviors, fuel consumption, and optimized routes. Recently, there is an integration of the Teletrac Navman with fleet customers that creates a simple management process, gives live updates on the fleet, and fleet maintenance.

2. Quartix

Any small business that has financial benefits it is advised to have this software. It is because you can keep track of your fleet with real-time metrics. The software can analyze fuel consumption, driver scorecards, maintenance reports, and vehicle history. It can add up to 150 new fleets monthly. The other aspects that are suitable for small business are

Alerts- it gives push texts when the fleet if over speeding or when the driver harshly accelerates or brakes and gives live warnings on safety hazards.

Safety-the reporting feature includes giving the behavior of drivers, thus enabling you to understand vehicle history. It also makes the manager compare the drivers and ensure the necessary steps taken to reduce fuel consumption.

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3.Nex traq

It gives a small business with safety features that enables you to cut down careless driving and reduce fuel consumption. It has a function to look at drivers’ scorecards that outline risky driving behaviors. The advantage is;

It educates drivers- the software provides a platform for online education that decreases the business risk. The manager can address careless driving and put measures to the fleet drivers on safe driving habits.

Reporting- Managers of small businesses can receive texts or emails when accidents occur.

Web-based tracking-the software works efficiently on mobile devices and laptops. It flexible enough to monitor your fleet whenever you are.

Compliance- it offers ELDs, DVIR, and FMCSA compliance. It makes the business to meet the required business industry and be compliant with the government.

4. GPS Trackit

It is a temporary contract with a monthly plan fee. Small businesses have a free month to try out its features before starting to pay monthly. The merits include;

Safety- the manager can have information on the driver scorecard, and safety alerts. The software reports any harsh braking and excessive acceleration.

The hardware is easy to install- the company has advanced equipment that the customers can easily install.

Real-time information the software refreshes from thirty seconds to one minute. It can use on laptops and mobile, thus making it to be flexible enough to be used anywhere.

5. Wialon

The software that has features including real-time tracking, controls fuel consumption, monitor drivers’ behaviors, and routing management. It is flexible and suitable to be used on mobile phones and laptops. It has served and server-based versions.

6. GPS insight fleet tracking solution software.

It can accommodate up to 25 vehicle fleets. The features include; alerts via texts or email, maintenance schedules, google map street view, fuel card integration, engine diagnostics, and historical data. The advantage is that it provides a driver’s scorecard and has unlimited historical data.

7. RTA fleet management.

It was found in 1979 and has the features of managing tires, purchase orders, inventory management, and work order management. It is easy to use.

Different forms of Vehicle Tracking System

 There are three distinct types of the vehicle tracking system. Namely;

Cellular tracking– it is the cheapest form of method. It uses cellular transmission to transmit information on the location of your vehicle fleet. It is an ongoing expense since you pay for a monthly fee.

Wireless passive tracking system– it is paid only once, but the setup and installation are, however, expensive.

Satellite-based tracking system– the system provides accurate location information and activity information.

Types of Reports on Fleet Tracking

History of the location– the report indicates the place where the fleet has been over a while

Mileage reports– it records the mileage covered and compared with the used fuel.

Landmark stops- the fleet tract report gives information on the location where the driver spent through using the markers.

Track Your Fleets With Ease

Small businesses feel secure when they know that their assets are protected using the GPS fleet tracking device. It will encourage business growth and improve customer services. The primary role of this system is to give you essential information on your fleet so that you can efficiently manage your business. With the GPS tracking software, you can monitor your fleet activities wherever you are.

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