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How Your Video Marketing Agency Can Service Real Estate Business Efficiently

How Your Video Marketing Agency Can Service Real Estate Business Efficiently

Real Estate Business Videos have taken over our lives more than we could expect. Today online video platforms are the second most popular search engines after Google. Consumption of videos has become comfortable with innovations in social media technology.

The most significant advantage of using video is that they provide more information in lesser time. Showing a home is always more appealing than writing elaborate text that describes its features.

A survey by The National Associate of Realtors stated that when a consumer visits a housing website with a video on them, more than 56% of the users found this more helpful in picking a home. The video can use as a tool to generate leads or showcase a new home.

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The Roles Of a Video Marketing Agency

Once you understand the significance of video, there are a few things a video marketing agency can do for your business. They are a dedicated team of video experts who study the market and produce content that can magnify your selling pitch.

The video agency will aid the process of making new video content and ensure these are tailor-made to the user-demographic. It included using the right language, the correct tone, the length, and the distribution channels.

Videos don’t just involve full-length movies. The smallest promos and ads can turn into videos and animation. It helps to drive better engagement to your social media

What Kinds Of Video Content Help a Real Estate Business.

Videos can contribute to your business based on your needs and interests. Here are four go-to ideas. 

1. Home Tours.

The most basic application of video in the Real Estate Business is the ability to virtually present a whole property with well-shot footage. It gives the user a tour of the entire home before they can physically see the space. It helps to understand the area better and notice more exquisite details.

As compared to photos, videos give a more wholesome experience. It can conceptualize, keeping in mind each home. You can take a step further by creating motion graphics of the floor plans and highlight the key features of the property.

Some brands go all out by creating an in-depth VR tour of the house. They set up a station where the buyers can explore the project like a walkthrough, with the help of a VR set. 

2. Customer Testimonials.

Customer testimonials have been part of Real Estate Business strategies for many years now, but it’s time to give them the more relevel, video flip. Shoot personalized reviews with your past clients. Ask them to say a few words about your service to the camera and stitch them up into a beautiful video.

Even the written testimonials can be converted into video presentations to improve the impact you can obtain from them. Video testimonials are an excellent way to ensure that the reviews are authentic, as compared to online surveys, which can fudge. The advantages of video use are vividly apparent.

3. Brand Video.

Your brand video will set you apart from the rest of the realtor in the market and establish your digital image. These are videos that aimed to promote you (or your company) as a brand, rather than the products you sell.

Use these videos as an opportunity to put forth your unique selling proposition. Let the footage educate new consumers about your ways of working. Shoot real-life footage of open houses and home visits. Include footage of your office and bring out a complete story of your brand.

4. Tutorials Videos.

Tutorial videos work has an excellent marketing tool to bring more traffic to your business. Make videos that educate users about the home-buying community. Be a source of information that can gain meaningful leads. The aim is to sell your products to these users eventually.

From a Real Estate Business Videos, you can make videos about understanding market values, saving for a home, tutorials for painting your home, DIY design ideas, etc. These videos will resonate with new home buyers and encourage them to pick your brand over others.

How To Make These Videos?

Based on your budget and the distribution channel of the video, you can pick your options. The most straightforward and easy way to make them for social media use is on your phone. The trick to taking good videos on your phone is to use additional lights and shoot only in small cuts.

A marketing agency would be able to hire a professional to do the job better. The use of a simple DSLR camera, a few lights, and the magic of edit can make all the difference. You can use a professional to shoot the main video and use free software like InVideo to make smaller cuts for social media posting.

Where Do We Use These Videos?

Once you have these videos, the question is, where do you use these videos? We can break this down into mainly three avenues.

1. Social Media.

It is one of the best ways to grab eyeballs and create a buzz about your brand. These platforms have a large userbase that can leverage to convert a sale or generate a lead. These platforms also show your videos to a new potential buyer based on their interests and behaviors. 

2. On Website.

Holding video embeds on your website ensures the customers gain better-presented information. Having more videos on your page also makes your page more relevant and helps it rank higher during an online service.

3. Listing Websites.

A majority of consumers find their housing knowledge on listing websites. By posting home tour videos on these sites, you will stand out from the rest of the clutter and gain more potential buyers. If the listing site does not have a video feature, users can link to your website.  

Final Thoughts,

As a Real Estate Business firm, if you are on the fence about embarrassing video marketing, this is the time to leap. By not jumping onto the bandwagon now, there is a good chance you will leave behind in the competitive digital world.  

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