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7 Pieces of Technology That Will Make Your Daily Tasks a Breeze

7 Pieces of Technology That Will Make Your Daily Tasks a Breeze

They say time is money, but most of us know the truth. Time is more important than money.

You only get so many days on this earth. Money, at least in theory, you can always make more of.

That’s all the more reason to make the most out of every day, every hour, maybe even every minute.

If the thought of maximizing your time is just as exhausting as the thought of letting it slip away, it’s time for you to ask for help. These seven tech systems and apps stand ready to step up.

1. Smart WiFi in Your Home

It’s a challenge to measure the time we lose waiting for slow web pages to load or apps to respond. But if your home’s WiFi isn’t up to the job, that lost time is significant.

Get WiFi back by investing in an adaptive WiFi solution that’s built for the way you live today, not 15 years ago. This solution should be smart enough to understand how, where, and when you and your family use WiFi in your home — and to adjust accordingly.

2. A Note-Taking App for Daily Research and Reminders

The best note-taking strategies in the world can’t compensate for disorganization. If you’re the sort of person who takes notes on pen and paper, then promptly pushes those notes to the back of a desk or drawer, you know that something needs to give.

Why not digitize your daily notes? Use a note-taking app that stores and organizes what you jot for easy access, and preferably one that syncs seamlessly between your phone and desktop or laptop computer.

3. A To-Do App for the Rest of Your Life

If you already use a to-do app for work (or have access to one) then that’s great. Keep using it.

You need a separate to-do app for personal use though. You don’t want to confuse your work tasks with your personal tasks, even if it’s helpful to see them overlaid.

This app doesn’t have to be fancy or rich with features. It just needs to show what you need to do and when, down to the 15-minute interval.

4. Secure, Adaptable Cloud Storage for Your Memories

You’ve made so many memories over the years. Are you confident you can access them all in digital form?

Your phone’s camera archive is a start, but only a start. You need a secure, central location to house memories that predate your current phone, not to mention ones created on other family members’ devices.

Your social media accounts? Unreliable at best, and often dependent on inconsistent tagging by others. Plus, you don’t really control those accounts; they’re vulnerable to interruption or, worse, hacking.

No, you need a cloud-based storage solution that adapts to your needs. This solution should allow you to scale storage as and when needed, to organize your photos and videos to your liking, and to access everything in its memory at will.

5. Time Tracking Software for Personal Task Management

If you’re obligated to track your time at work, you might feel it’s too much to track your time at home too. Isn’t it better to keep life at least somewhat unstructured when you’re off the clock?

Unfortunately, you’re never really off the clock. You have obligations outside of work too, ones that often need to be done on a deadline. You need to know how much time you devote to each and how to schedule them most effectively.

Look for a time tracking app that’s designed for people with multiple simultaneous responsibilities, like freelancers or creatives. That way, when you find yourself doing three things at once, you’ll have no problem sorting out your respective time commitment.

6. A Distraction Blocker for Your Laptop or Desktop

Distractions are bad. So, block them!

Use a distraction blocker program that allows you to concentrate on the task at hand, whatever that happens to be. This is one tech solution that you can definitely reuse at home and at work.

7. Shopping Subscriptions That Cut Down Trips to the Store

How many times do you visit the grocery store in an average month?

The pet store? The department store? The home improvement store? The office supplies store?

We could do this all day. The fact is, you spend too much time traveling to and from these places. You probably spend even more time standing in front of the shelves, wondering what to buy.

That time is better spent in the comfort of your home, or at least somewhere more enjoyable than the retail aisle. Reclaim some of it by automating purchases that you know you need to make every so often, like groceries, pet food, and home paper products. And get those purchases delivered right to your home so that you don’t have to pick them up in-store.

You might pay a bit more for the convenience. But time is more valuable than money, remember?

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Make Your Life Easier

These seven pieces of technology all have the potential to make your life easier with consistent use. If you’re not already using them to get things done or carve out more time for the things you really care about, what are you waiting for?

And don’t stop there. Plenty of other time-saving tech systems and apps exist, as do old-school strategies and systems that don’t run on microprocessors.

Put together a complete time-saving framework that works for you and look forward to fuller, happier, more productive days ahead.

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