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Downloading TikTok Videos To Mac

Downloading TikTok Videos To Mac

TikTok Videos To Mac

Much like most other online social networking sites, TikTok is a primarily mobile-based platform. As such, users can only fully utilize its functionalities on their phones and while MacBooks or any other type of laptop can be portably carried around in, e.g. a MacBook pro 16 leather sleeve, that doesn’t change the fact that most of these apps are still only fully supported on mobile devices. However, there are still some basic features such as browsing or commenting; that you can still access on the platform using the browsers on your MacBook. And considering the amount of debate going on right now about TikTok to Mac, a lot of users have now begun looking for ways to save their videos. Meanwhile, some want to know how to download them so that they can edit them more professionally. So, we put together a handy slight guide on how this can do on Mac with no difficulty.


Now, while TikTok naturally makes it very simple for users to save videos on their phones, there are some constraints in doing so. For instance, when you download a video from the platform, it always comes with a watermark attached to it. Additionally, some users may opt to turn off the download option which prevents them from being able to download their content. These are just some examples of why some users may opt for a less conventional method of downloading these videos, and this is where utilizing third-party apps can prove to be very useful. Before that, do make sure that you have enough storage space to download these files onto your Mac. If you don’t or are struggling to create extra space, then we suggest searching for an sd card reader for sale for extra storage.

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So What Programs or Applications Can I Use To Download?

An app that we would recommend you to use is Pulltube. For those unfamiliar, this video downloading application utilized by many users and works on numerous websites. It essentially allows you to save videos from sites like Tiktok to mac, Instagram, and more. To accomplish this with the app, all you need is to open the selected area from your browser and duplicate the URL link of the video you wish to save. You can then paste the links (if there are several videos) and keep the files directly to your MacBook. It’s that simple!

Another fantastic alternative is Downie. It is an application that is similar to Pull tube in terms of functionality and features. Still, it also comes with a video processing feature that provides the opportunity to improve the quality of the downloaded file. Moreover, it also allows you to change file formats if you want to.

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Another third party app to consider is Elmedia, which is a downloader that also comes with a functioning browser feature. It means that you can easily browse for the video directly from the app itself. In short, it simplifies the entire download process by helping you find and save whatever content you want. However, the only problem with it is that it can sometimes be challenging to keep the TikTok videos directly, so it’s best used to download Tiktok’s from YouTube. The benefit though is that the download process is automatic and also you can do Tiktok Marketing From SocialWick easily, once you open the video’s page from the in-app browser, which is super convenient. Plus, Elmedia is still very useful for downloading any other type of YouTube videos that you like as well!

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Publishing Your TikTok Video From Mac

When you do download or editing your videos, some users may wish to share them with their friends or family across multiple platforms, e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, FB Messenger etc. And while doing them one by one is an option, it can be quite a tedious process. In this case, what we suggest is utilizing a cross-platform app like IM+, which is essentially an instant messenger that supports content posting for all these platforms and more, all at once. The benefit of IM+ is from the fact that it a native Mac app that is available on the App store and it gives all your platforms a centralized hub, with a secondary sidebar that shows all active chats on each platform, providing a seamless workflow for cross-platform sharing.


The apps that we have suggested in this handy guide should be of much help if you need to download TikTok videos quickly, and each of them comes with its features and functionalities. However, keep in mind that sure of them may need to pay for, and if you would prefer a free service, there are still several other alternative apps or websites you can use as well. So, it just rests on what you like.

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