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3 Hidden Costs Of Going Solar Nobody Talks About

3 Hidden Costs Of Going Solar Nobody Talks About

Solar energy is the fastest-growing form of renewable energy in the United States. You may have heard the benefits of going solar. You’ve heard you can slash your electricity bills and help the planet.

But are you wondering about the real cost of going solar? You may be wondering if there are cost savings of going solar. Solar can be a great option for your home.

With solar, you have more control over your bills and can save money. But you’ll want to read on to find out three few hidden costs before you take the plunge. .

1.Insurance Costs 

When you go solar, you’ll want to invest in quality panels. You’ll want to insure your entire solar energy system. Your property insurance may cover parts of the solar panels.

But, you may need to increase your premium to cover the value of the solar panels. You should also choose a solar company wisely.

For example, Blue Raven Solar provides a 25-year manufacturer warranty. They also provide a production guarantee. On top of that, they offer rooftop penetration and workmanship warranties.

Combining warranties and your insurance, your solar panels will be a long-term investment.

2.Cleaning and Repair

When you take stock of the cost of going completely solar, don’t forget cleaning and repair costs. Your solar panels may last up to 25 years. But that’s only if you care for them properly.

Storms and winds may blow debris onto your roof. Panels are sturdy and can withstand regular rain. But if they’re exposed to too much dust, you’ll need to hire a professional cleaner.

Don’t try to clean them yourself. If you do, you risk damaging them and compromising efficiency.

You’ll want to make sure you regularly check your roof and keep it clean. On top of that, you’ll want to inspect each panel regularly or work with a panel provider who will do this for you.

If your panels need replacing, you may need to pay for that labor. Your warranties should cover the cost of replacement if you choose a good panel provider. But, don’t forget the real cost of going solar at home includes cleaning and repair.

3.Tax Credits

As solar panels have become more common, you may be wondering: is the cost of solar going down? And in many ways, it is. That’s because more companies are providing solar panels than before.

Another benefit up until now was a 30% government tax credit. Congress has revised the tax credit and it is now slightly different. If you installed your solar system between 2020 and 2022 you can receive a 26% tax credit.

This tax credit will expire in 2024. Congress may renew it, but it’s up in the air. So keep in mind, that if you purchase a solar system before 2022 you will still save.

But you won’t save as much as before. And if you wait longer, it’s unclear if you’ll be able to use the tax credit.

The True Cost of Going Solar

Now you know the true cost of going solar. You need to factor in insurance, tax credits, and cleaning costs.

Even so, going solar has long-term benefits. Over twenty years, those who use solar save between $20-80K on their electricity costs. Solar energy is a great option – and now you’re aware of hidden costs before you take the leap.

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