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How To Get Better At Solo Queue

How To Get Better At Solo Queue

We’ve all experienced how difficult it can be to get through ranked queues in League of Legends. It’s possible that you constantly challenge with anti-competitive people, low-quality gamers, or outright bullies.Whatever the cause, Summoner’s Rift could be an awful mess for those of us who are truly doing our hardest and want to queue individually. Or have you ever thought that the thing holding you back is yourself?Because this is the most prevalent attitude among virtually each gamer, most of us do not like to acknowledge that we’ve been the makers and causes of our own downfall. It’s known as a gamer’s prejudice, and it sometimes has to be set aside in order to accurately see why you’re not progressing up the ranking podium.Obviously, everyone seems to have terrible games, because everyone has those days when they don’t play up to their regular capabilities and become a detriment to themselves and their teammates. However, there are actions you might be doing to improve your constancy, as climbing requires it. Additional elements that could aid in one’s progression to a higher skill level include playing the appropriate characters, that might be ones who are dominant in the existing trend, playing your best champions, positions, and always emphasizing that you are a good leader, despite the fact that it is termed “Solo Queue.”

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This label should be considered a ruse, as the fact is that League of Legends is a competitive game that should be executed as such for the greatest outcomes. Whether you like it or not, once Champion selection is accomplished and the League of Legends client is launched, your game begins, and you have no option but to give it your all with the others on your squad. There seems to be a strong possibility that your team will collaborate with you if you are a positive role model in the match, interact well, and have decent morals. Team games are based on total team spirit, and as one of five members, it is your responsibility to ensure that your contribution is good.

However if your team is behind and the situation appears to be grave, it is always feasible (in most circumstances) to recover with the correct mindset and the appropriate levels of collaboration and synchronization. When you’re too far behind, it can be really preferable to save your energy, accept the outcome, and give up the match.

However, here are a few basic suggestions that we advise including into your gameplay to get the greatest solo queue returns:


  • Trying not to recline this is extremely difficult to avoid, although it is a common occurrence in lower elos. While high-elo players can tilt, tilting is less prevalent in Competition because players realize the necessity of keeping a positive mindset in order to win matches.
  • Make every effort to maintain a good outlook! It’s impossible to maintain a happy attitude 100 percent of the time, yet contributing with a negative attitude is the most common cause of poor performance.
  • If you are leaning or not in the best of spirits, refrain from chatting in chat. As previously said, League is a team sport, and team spirit trumps all other factors, including individual ability. In these instances, the greatest part to do is enter “/muteall” in the chatroom, which disables all contact with your team or adversaries.Solo Queue
  • Anybody can reach any rank in any position, though when it comes right down to it, it is suggested that you focus on perfecting one position and having a rotation spot in case your primary gets autofilled. It’s unrealistic to expect to get a high rank by playing many characters; even the elite don’t do it, therefore if you want to see rapid results, focus on one role and conquer it.
  • Many solo queue players believe that muting everyone is one of the most effective ways to progress, and they do it before every battle. While you cannot type to your squad, pings could be efficiently utilized to communicate all of the needed information in the match. Solo Queue
  • We propose that after you’ve determined your role, you only play a few champions in that position. The justification for this is because champions in League of Legends take time to get it right, and because there are so many different champions, learning all of your champion’s viable clashes takes even longer. Pick your top 2-3 champions and play them again and over; if your finest champion is blacklisted, it’s always a good idea to have some alternatives that you’re comfortable with.
  • Ping correctly! This is frequently forgotten, and many players fail to perform it appropriately. It is not harmful to overuse ping in order to guarantee that your pings are often seen. It may appear obnoxious, but it is preferable to irritate your buddy and can save their existence than to ping once and have your buddy contact you after they have killed. Solo Queue
  • When using pings, you must consider the position of your ping on the map. If you’re in the mid lane and know your opponent’s mid laner is wandering to your bot, a single “enemy is missing” ping inside your own lane will not transmit any knowledge to your allies. You must ping on your bot lane’s character models so that it displays on their computer, and you must ping a few times to firm your communication; while this may be more unpleasant for your partners, it is far more powerful, and your fellow players will quickly forget about it.
  • Maximize your advantages to the best of your abilities – if you’re lucky enough to be above in the forest or in lane, it’s critical that you shift your focus to the rest of the board and try to assist your teammates. Because you may not always have victory lanes, it is critical to use whatever advantage you have acquired to assist your teammates who are experiencing difficulties.

Bottom Line

That brings us to the end of this list of fundamental tips and recommendations that many consider to be some of the most crucial for solo queue climbers. We cannot highlight enough the significance of remaining positive and working as a team player in computer games like League of Legends.

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