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4 Major Tech Hubs From Around The World

4 Major Tech Hubs From Around The World

4 Major Tech Hubs: From the most developed metropolitan cities of Europe to the least developed rural areas of Africa, technological advancements are taking place around every corner of the world, encompassing every industry in the process. Be it Edtech, Medtech, Foodtech, Fintech, Fashiontech, Sportstech or Musictech, the tech industry is booming in every sphere.

Some of these cities are leading others in this race of technical modernization. Such tech hubs are setting the course for the rest of the world to take a leaf out of their book and learn the tricks of the trade. Listed below are the top 4 high-tech cities around the world.

1.   San Francisco, California

The dream community of tech geeks around the world, Silicon Valley is in the San Francisco Bay area. The most fascinating tech minds can be found roaming around this prominent tech hub, always working on something innovative and brilliant. Silicon Valley has also surprisingly been a driving force behind the expansion of online gambling, an example of which is bet777.

The density of companies and opportunities for jobs are very vast in the Bay area. Not only as an employee, but also as a founder of a start-up, San Francisco is the place where people go to make their dreams come true.

Land of the most successful and elite people around the world, the San Francisco bay area is also one of the most expensive communities in the United States in terms of affordable housing. In order to be able to meet the expense of a house, you have to be earning at least a 6-figure salary in San Francisco.

2.   Tai Pei, Taiwan

Since its separation from mainland China, Taiwan has started building the semiconductor chip industry to increase its interdependence with the rest of the world. Last year, the United States warned China from making any moves against Taiwan, due to its high-worth SMC industry. Any harm to the Taiwanese Semiconductor chip industry can result in the loss of many technical giants around the world.

Home to the most advanced semiconductor chips around the world, Tai Pei is not only the capital but also easily the most technically advanced city of Taiwan. Some of the major tech companies such as Apple, Intel, and Inventech are all buyers of Taiwanese advanced SMCs. The hardware industry of Tai Pei is more advanced as compared to the software industry, so these MNCs acquire hardware from Tai Pei. Tai Pei is the perfect city for those looking to excel in the hardware industry.

3.   Tokyo, Japan

The former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe presented a plan in 2018 to make Tokyo the leading worldwide tech hub. The University of Tokyo is the center of technical talent in the city that produces hundreds of tech geeks every year. The sophisticated and focused people of Tokyo demand a high standard of living and these tech geeks make sure that they cater to these demands of the population.

The communication and transportation infrastructure of Tokyo is state-of-the-art. The railway system is one of the fastest and most comfortable around the world. Cameras installed all around are watching each and every corner of Tokyo, leading to a remarkable reduction in the city’s crime rate. The startup ecosystem of the metropolis is very friendly and supportive, as you have many technically sound people to resolve any issues that you may face during your IT venture.

4.   Bengaluru, India

Once a colony of the British, India has recently passed the UK in becoming the fifth-largest economy in the world. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is the most technically advanced metropolis in the subcontinent. Owing to its cheap and efficient technical labor, Bengaluru attracts many startup founders from around the world.

Artificial intelligence, robotics, and Internet of Things are the major booming tech sectors in Bengaluru. Some of the major tech companies including Microsoft and Samsung, have also opened their offices in search of more tech opportunities. Hence, Bengaluru is the major emerging technical hub in the entire South Asian region.

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