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Everyone seeks investment schemes that offer the best investment plan with high returns in a small frame of time without any significant risk of losing the principal capital. However, as there are so many financial instruments available in the market, choosing one from the slew of variants is surely not a cakewalk.

Moreover, when you’re investing capital, you must know that the risk and returns are mutually proportional and go hand in hand with each other. The higher your risk-bearing capacity, the better returns you can expect from your investments and vice versa.

While choosing a good investment opportunity, you need to match your current risk profile with the risk associated with your preferred option. There are various investment plans that carry a high risk but at the same time also offer better long-term growth.

Furthermore, all investment products are classified into two major categories – financial and non-financial assets. The former consists of market-linked products (mutual funds, stocks, etc) and fixed income products (bank deposits, public provident funds, etc).

On the other hand, the non-financial assets comprise alternate investment modes like real estate and gold, which is also a preferred choice for majority of Indians. With that said, let us take a look at some of the best investment plans with the highest returns:

Mutual Funds

When it comes to investing in mutual funds, investors usually find it quite overwhelming to choose a particular plan. They sure are risky because the returns are linked to the market, but at the same time, it also increases your chances of gaining higher returns as compared to any other investment scheme.

If you’re looking to invest in volatile market-linked products but don’t have thorough expertise in stocks and exchanges, mutual funds are certainly a perfect match for you. Under this investment option, your capital is invested in several financial instruments like stocks, debts, equity, etc.

Mutual funds can be categorized into three main variations namely debt funds, equity funds, and hybrid funds. Each of these variations invests your money in different assets and therefore offers ranging returns and risks.

Recurring Deposits

Recurring deposits are investment opportunities offered by Indian financial bodies like banks in which you can make regular deposits and expect a fairly good amount in returns. It offers you great flexibility in investments and allows you to choose the desired tenure at your convenience.

Generally, the tenure of this investment plan can range anywhere between 1-10 years. You can easily open a recurring deposit account with your current bank account and deposit a fixed amount of money every month.

At the time of the maturity of this plan, you’ll be paid the capital including the returns you’ve earned throughout the duration. If you are looking for a liquidity-factor-rich investment opportunity, recurring deposits surely fit the bill for you.

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs)

Contrary to the name, Unit Linked Insurance Policies are quite different from standard insurance plans offered by insurance companies. These plans provide you the benefits of both investment options and insurance at the same time, without any additional costs.

If you require life insurance in addition to a reliable source of returns, you should definitely consider investing your capital in these schemes. It also allows you to choose between monthly and annual premium payment options.

A small fraction of the premiums you pay is used to provide you an insurance cover, and the rest of the funds are invested in market-linked instruments like debt, equity, hybrid, and so on, as per your preferences.

This plan is ideal for both conservative and aggressive investors as it allows you to make your own investment portfolio. While the traditional insurance policies are only capable of providing a return of 4-6%, the unit-linked insurance plans can make your returns go as high as double digits.

Real Estate

As India is emerging in terms of population, the real estate industry has become one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. This sector alone holds various prospects in other sectors like housing, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and so on.

Moreover, as you may already know, retail investments are popular for their safe nature and are also considered as one of the best investment plans with high returns. Even the associated risk is very low that ensures your capital is safe from the volatile conditions of the market.

However, you need to keep in mind that real estate investment requires patience as selling a property can be quite difficult in case you are in urgent need of monetary resources. These investments can also be liquified at your convenience.

If you invest your capital in a well-researched commercial space like shops and offices, you can have a higher chance of gaining higher returns and diversify your investment assets. They are perfect to beat the growing inflation rate as well.

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce– Invest 4G ULIP Plan – An Ideal Companion for Good Returns

The Invest 4G plan offered by Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan that offers numerous customization features to tweak the plan as per your future monetary goals and requirements. The plan also offers an unparalleled combination of portfolio management options.

With the help of this ULIP plan, you can have all-around control over your savings, and as it is also a non-participating product, all the returns will be offered to you without any concessions. It is a great investment plan to start building a financially secure future.

The Takeaway

To make informed investment decisions, you need to know about the various options available in the market. The investment plans given above offer good returns that help you beat inflation and safeguard a financially sound future. Therefore, make sure you conduct your own research and choose a plan that resonates well with your future financial goals.

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