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How Ecommerce Can Help You Find Uncommon Truck Parts

How Ecommerce Can Help You Find Uncommon Truck Parts

If you’re like most companies that maintain a fleet of trucks for service calls, your truck pool is probably a mix of new and old models. The more modern vehicles are under warranty, most likely. If the fuel injector in that 2018 utility truck breaks down, you can leave it to your dealer to track down a replacement.

What if you’re looking for a carburetor for an older truck, though?

Sooner or later, virtually everyone who owns a truck manufactured before 2010 will find themselves struggling to source a tough-to-find it part. There are sufficient of companies out there that boast about helping you locate uncommon truck parts. Here’s how to recognize when you’ve found a company that’s the real deal.

The Business Model

The best online truck parts suppliers are the ones that buy in bulk from large suppliers. They understand the benefit of storage warehouses where they can keep a large inventory. Their inventory will be a combination of OEM and aftermarket brands. The transaction costs associated with bulk purchases like this are relatively low, which means that the cost to the consumer can be kept low.

In contrast, a supplier who purchases on an as-needed basis is always scrambling around to satisfy an order. He or she may need to make phone calls to multiple distributors to fulfill a customer request. Each of those phone calls represents a transaction cost, which in all likelihood will get passed along to the consumer.

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What Distinguishes a Good Truck Parts Distributor?

Other qualities distinguish an excellent truck parts distributor as well. The most important of these is a user-friendly website interface with a robust search function. A variety of methods should exist that will enable consumers to locate the truck part they’re interested in finding. Consumers should be able to look up parts by part number, by part name, by the part manufacturer and by keywords found in a brief description of the piece. Searching for parts online can be personally frustrating.

A right parts distributor will recognize this and make sure that customer service representatives are available by phone for any customer who has become overwhelmed by the search process. Customers will appreciate the opportunity to interact with customer service representatives based in the U.S.

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