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How To Get The Best Real-Time Exchange Rates?

How To Get The Best Real-Time Exchange Rates?

Do you run a business that deals in foreign exchange? Or do you need to send money abroad regularly? Irrespective, you might need the best currency exchange rate API to give you real-time forex rates. This helps you get accurate conversions and ensures you don’t pay a penny more than required.

Moreover, scouring through the currency list API to get forex data API can enable you to get the best currency exchange rates. Furthermore, such a real-time forex API will give you critical and updated information about the current exchange rates.

Read on to know how to get the best real-time exchange rates.

What Is Currency Exchange Rate API?

A currency exchange rate API essentially stores forex data. They use credible sources like international banks, trustworthy institutions, federal institutes, and more to provide accurate real-time currency exchange rates.

Moreover, the real-time forex API tracks several currencies and maintains a record of the current value of those currencies. Often these APIs will offer you historical data about foreign currencies and exchange rates dating several years to help you make budgeting decisions.

To get the best real-time exchange rate, you must choose the correct API, but you must also understand the following factors that affect the exchange rate:

  • Supply and demand of currency
  • The consumer confidence in their economy
  • Balance of trade which examines the value of exports vs. imports
  • Inflation can lower the exchange rate if it is high
  • High interest rates make the exchange rate increase too
  • Political upheavals create uncertainty and affect the exchange rates dramatically

Understanding these aspects and deciding the best currency exchange API can help in getting profitable real-time exchange rates.

How To Choose The Best API To Get Real-Time Exchange Rates

When you want the best real-time exchange rate, you could check on google and get the rate. However, you might not get the same rate when you go to the bank or the currency conversion center. The best option is to go to a trustworthy bank or bureau exchange to get the best exchange rates.

The third option is to use the best currency exchange API. You might wonder how to choose the right one to ensure you get excellent exchange rates with low fees. Here are some tips you can use:

Ensure The Currency API Has Data ForMore Currencies

The currency list API you choose should have a reasonable amount of currency to ensure you get forex data API. Generally, try to choose an API that offers more than 150 currencies. Also, ensure you get many currency combinations to eliminate limitations.

Beyond that, you must ensure the API you choose covers significant currencies like USD, Euros, and Pound Sterling. The bonus is that you might also find some APIs with data for cryptocurrency and precious metals.

Essentially, the more the data, the better the exchange rate!

Check The Sources of The API

While picking up a currency exchange API, it is essential to check the sources. You need to check the number of sources and the credibility of each source.

Ideally, an API that displays more than ten sources for a data set is accurate and measures global trends relevantly. Furthermore, you must ensure it list sources like big banks, federal reserves, and financial institutions.

The currency data sources indicate the exchange rate’s relevancy and accuracy. So, ensure you double-check before investing in a currency exchange rate API.

Look at The Update Timings

Generally, a real-time forex API will provide you with updated exchange rates timely. Depending on the subscription plan, you choose the API updates every 60 minutes, 10 minutes, or 6 seconds.

If you deal heavily in foreign currency, you must try to get an API that gives you updated data every second to ensure a real-time exchange rate. However, a less detailed and slower update will be perfect if you do long-term exchanges.

So, pick the right subscription level depending on the refresh level you need.

Ensure The Currency API Has Data ForMore Currencies

Check The Security Feature

When you choose your currency exchange API, make sure you check the security features. It should use industry-standard HTTPS. Moreover, it should be encrypted to ensure your data and financial information is safe.

Furthermore, the API should support 256-bit encryption, which is bank-level security to ensure your safety while transacting forex. The security features are necessary to protect your data. Additionally, checking whether the API has these features will boost the software’s credibility.

Wrapping Up

Getting the best real-time exchange rates is easy when you access the best real-time forex API like Currency Layer. They have over 168 world currencies and are the most prominent currency exchange rate API. You get access to an easy-to-integrate currency exchange API that delivers responses in JSON format.

Moreover, you can access forex data API, which gives you real-time data that updates every 60 seconds to 60 minutes, depending on your chosen subscription plan. Furthermore, with encrypted data streams, you can be guaranteed security while you use this currency exchange API.

So, choose the best currency exchange rate API to get the best real-time exchange rates.

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