5 Best POS Systems for Auto Repair Shops

At your auto repair shop, you need a point of sale system to accept credit card payments from your customers. Merely being able to take card payments can lead to an immediate increase in sales. However, not all point of sale systems made equal. Some better design to be a POS system for auto repair shop businesses. The following are five top choices.

1) Clover Mini

One excellent option is the Clover Mini. It is a small point of sale system backed by powerful software. The brand’s flagship product is the Clover Station. However, they made a smaller version for businesses with less counter space.

Although Clover not explicitly designs for auto repair shops, it is highly configurable. So, you can make it work for your unique needs. Plus, it is easy-to-use and allows for fast training of employees.

Auto Repair 2

2) ShopController

Alternatively, you could consider this POS system designed for automotive services businesses. It is software layered on top of a Clover Mini console. So, it has a lot of the excellent characteristics of Clover, including fast processing and a user-friendly interface. However, it also has special tools for auto repair businesses.

For example, you can easily manage your CarFax reporting from your POS system. Additionally, you can manage the schedules of your technicians, bays and equipment quickly and easily. Plus, it will help you track your parts and supplies inventory.

3) Revel

The Revel POS has a more traditional look compared to Clover. However, it also bases on some great technology. The hardware is an iPad, meaning that you don’t have to deal with the clunky, outdated touch screen provided by the most point of sale systems. Plus, it has tools for everything from online ordering to cash flow management. It explicitly intends for auto repair businesses, but it is a tremendous all-around POS.

4) Clover Flex

Another great option is to choose Clover Flex. The smallest version of the Clover platform. It is about the size of a smartphone and can do all the same functions as its bigger cousins. This is an excellent option if you want to bring your payment processing capabilities right to your customers. It is perfect for offering a more premium, concierge-style customer experience.

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5) Booker

Finally, you could consider this appointment-oriented point of sale system. It has tools for booking your shop appointments, collecting customer information and marketing your business. Like ShopController, it built on top of Clover. So, you can take advantage of the excellent hardware while using more customized software. It is a popular choice among all types of service businesses.

Find the Right POS System for Your Business

Finding the right POS system for your business is essential. It will help you achieve the success that you are seeking. Get some quotes today. You may love the Clover Flex price or decide that the features of ShopController are must-haves. When you are fixing a car, having the right tools for the job is essential. It is just as crucial for running your business successfully.

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