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The Basics of Crypto Investing

The Basics of Crypto Investing

Although cryptocurrency is in many ways a disruptor to the traditional world of finance, investing in it can be surprisingly similar to investing in the stock market. Here are the steps you should take if you’ve decided to jump into the world of owning cryptocurrency.

Learn About Available Currencies

As with any investment, it can pay to research your options ahead of time before making a purchase. In the same way you might utilize real time stock charts to track potential market purchases, following cryptocurrency charts can give you some insight into the stability or volatility of any given currency.

As a new investor, you may feel you need to be cautious; you might be worried about your funds disappearing overnight due to a risky initial purchase. In that case, buying coins with lower value fluctuations may be a good place to start. On the other hand, if you are hoping to make a significant windfall by investing in cryptocurrency, then jumping in at a low point in a currency’s volatility may bring you the success you’re looking for.

Select a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Just like a stock exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange is a medium through which you can buy or sell assets. Once you’ve identified some currencies that are of interest to you, your next step will be to see which exchanges trade in those currencies; not all are available on every platform. Then it’s a good idea to investigate things like the security and transparency of the exchanges you are considering, as well as transaction, withdrawal, and deposit fees. As cryptocurrency continues to become more normalized, many trusted online advisors are publishing reviews that can help guide you in your choice.

Manage Your Assets

If “set it and forget it” is your mantra for traditional investing, then you can probably consider your work to be done once you’ve purchased one or more cryptocurrencies. However, many experts advise that to get the most out of your investment you should take a more active role. Just as with a stock portfolio, purchasing multiple currencies and periodically adjusting your holdings can ensure that you achieve balance. Active management may give you a better chance to maximize your investments while guarding against excessive losses.

If you are getting into cryptocurrency for more than just a windfall gain, then diversification can be a smart way to lessen the impact of inevitable crashes. As a bonus, by diversifying and buying a range of currencies you may increase your potential for picking a coin that brings you a significant return. Regardless of your strategy, it’s a good idea to have a target in mind for your cryptocurrency investments, so you don’t ride an upturn so far that you fail to jump off before a collapse.

If you’re nervous about investing in cryptocurrency, it can be helpful to see that it can be quite similar to investing in traditional markets. By doing research, finding an appropriate exchange, and actively managing your crypto portfolio, you can take some of the unknowns out of diving into this emerging opportunity.

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