Careers In Graphic Design

Graphic design is the academic and professional field whose primary activity is in designing visual communications meant to convey certain messages to specific target audiences, with specified purposes. It includes many fields like advertising, communication, mass marketing, interior design, magazine design, painting, motion graphics, sculpture, and many more. The designers are supposed to create attractive and useful visual presentations for any purpose. The main aim of a graphic designer is to convey a message to its targeted audiences by means of visual representation.

The environmental graphic design career has gained wide popularity these days as the designing is supposed to make people understand the significance of the environment in the long run and the importance of their daily activities. The industrial design and industrial graphic design sectors are growing rapidly, which requires capable professionals who have in-depth knowledge in each of particular type of graphic design. A number of institutions offer programs on environmental graphic design, which helps the students learn the specific type of design from the professionals. The programs cover both theory and practical aspects of the subject so that the candidates can successfully complete their graduation and start their careers in specialized areas.

One of the most significant aspects of graphic design is user research. User research methodology in graphic design includes collecting, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting user opinions regarding the products, services, and other business processes. Various user research tools are available in the colleges and universities, which help the students to conduct a proper user research. After collecting user data, the experts create a user guide for the specific product, service or business process.

In the motion graphics field, the graphic artists create 3D images by using several motion-capture cameras. After acquiring sufficient experience, the graphic designers create digital art by creating short films. They also experiment with visual effects to create special visual presentations. Besides, they use computer graphics software to build, animate, and simulate complex motion graphics. Motion graphic artists have a variety of career opportunities in the motion graphics industry.

Typography designer provides the elegant and readable text in electronic books, websites, brochures, corporate reports, corporate presentations and magazines etc. The working knowledge of a typography designer is required to design and create professional, attractive, and informative texts. Students must have good typing skills and excellent handwriting in order to get a career in this field. A master’s degree is required for this job. A student interested in becoming a typography designer must possess excellent communication, analytical, writing and researching skills.

A good working knowledge of image file formats is required for working in the Product Design field. A designer usually creates artwork and screensavers for electronic or print media based products. The graphic designers usually visualize the final product and make appropriate changes in color, size, image format, theme, and more. The final product is used as a promotional tool, advertising tool, or for interactive media and market research purposes.

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