Essential Skills You Need as a JavaScript Developer

JavaScript Developer: The development of various programming languages and frameworks is undeniably the wind beneath the programmer’s wings. Especially in recent years, these frameworks have greatly reduced the time and effort required to create apps, websites, and software.

JavaScript is one such programming language, that comes equipped with various frameworks that make it easier to write and execute code. As an added bonus, the demand for JavaScript professionals is booming. There are around 13.8 million JavaScript developers across the world attracting a salary of $110,673 annually. These figures certainly prove the value of JavaScript development. A degree is simply not enough to become proficient in this field. A certain set of skills are also required. But what are these skills?

Let’s take a look:

1. Be proficient in JavaScript

The simplest way to tackle any programming language or framework is to first target and strengthen the basics. A strong understanding of the building blocks will enable developers to further adapt to newer variants more quickly. Some of the best ways to get started with learning the basics are self-guided courses, books, coding boot camps, networking events, meetups, and the best of all, building beginner-level JavaScript projects. The best way to learn how to code is by putting it into practice. It is the first step to exercise your creativity and take your first step towards independent development.

2. ReactJS

React is a JavaScript library that helps developers do wondrous things with JavaScript really fast. It was developed by Facebook and is used by some significant tech companies like PayPal, Tesla, Reddit, etc. It is proving to be a developer’s go-to choice for building interesting web applications despite its competition from Angular and Vue.js.

React uses a declarative syntax making it quicker and easier to learn with less room for human error. It is SEO-friendly and has reusable components which make it exciting to build dynamic user interfaces. React also has an awesome community, hence if you’re ever stuck, you can reach out to millions of developers who are always ready to help.

3. NodeJS

NodeJS is a popular tool that allows developers to do Backend scripting in JavaScript. Building real-time applications (such as chatbots) and microservices are easy with NodeJS, due to its powerful libraries and lightweight scalability. It also provides cross-platform applications which run smoothly on any web. Moreover, Node.js has a collection of built-in modules which can be utilized without further installation.

4. Git

Git is a version control system, it tracks changes in the code. It tracks the changes made to files, so there’s a record of what has been done. If needed, developers can even revert to specific versions. Git also makes collaboration simpler, enabling changes by several people to all be merged in one source. It is a valuable and must-have skill for any developer in general.

Learn what is Git, its features, and how it works along with some of the most commonly used Git commands.

5. Firebase

Firebase is a web and mobile application development platform developed by Firebase, Inc in 2011. Later, it was procured by Google in 2014. It is a BAAS (back-end as a service) that allows developers to build websites, games, apps, and also APIs without having to deal with tedious code on the backend. With the speed and simplicity this platform provides, Firebase becomes an essential skill for all JavaScript developers.

6. RestAPI

Representational State Transfer, or Restful API, is an architectural approach of programming that believes in rendering HTML as it was intended. It is a powerful asset as almost every application needs an API.

Developers can use GET and POST requests to make HTTP queries and receive responses, and almost any programming language can use them. Rest APIs are easy to use and implement, provide enormous scalability, and are also highly flexible. It allows developers to store the data on multiple servers, and answer multiple clients consequently increasing business and efficiency. The most eye-catching feature is that REST APIs are cacheable and hence save significant computation time and resources.


The role of a JavaScript developer is to execute the logic of the front-end that defines the behavior of the visual elements of a web application. It is one of the most significant web development languages used today and having the above skills is extremely useful and essential if you wish to become one. Many companies nowadays are on the look for developers that master these skills. Make sure you learn all of these, every skill has a unique role to play!

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