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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Smartwatch Battery Life

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Smartwatch Battery Life

Smartwatch Battery Life: Conventional watches usually come with a long battery life. But when it comes to smartwatches, the battery doesn’t last long. The shocking fact is that the more features the smartwatch will have, the lesser battery life. Sometimes you even have to charge the watch 4 to 5 times a week. Some smartwatches come with specific features that need high battery consumption. However, some smartwatch manufacturers update the operating system to improve autonomy.

You will get several smartwatches that will accompany your daily activities in the market. Therefore, you must be concerned about the battery life of the smartwatch. If you are going to grab your favorite smartwatch this Christmas Sales 2021, you must be concerned about the battery life. Indeed, after investing a considerable amount of money, you won’t compromise battery life. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss some ways that will let you improve the battery life of your smartwatch. By following the following tips, you will get an overall good experience.

Select A Less Interactive Watch Face

Keep in mind that the most interactive things in the smartwatch will drain most of the battery. The more interactive the watch face will be, the lesser the battery life. So, if the smartwatch shows a lot of health or fitness information, it will drain the maximum of the battery. Instead, you can choose a smartwatch with a basic watch face that will show only the necessary details. However, you can change the watch face of your smartwatch at your convenience. To change the watch face, you have to long-press the current watch face and choose the watch face that won’t drain the battery.

Manage Or Block App Notifications

Notifications also put pressure on the battery. However, some notifications are necessary for the user that give the complete experience of a smartwatch. But specific apps can overload the smartwatch with notifications. But there’s nothing to worry about as you can manage or block the app notifications. The Block app notifications feature lets you delete or add apps and block notifications from the installed apps. You have to launch the Android Wear app on your smartphone to do this. Then click on the settings at the right top and open the Block app notifications section. Thus, you can manage or block the notifications and save your smartwatch battery life.

Limit The Connectivity

You can save your smartwatch battery life by limiting the location services, Wi-Fi, and NFC. It will let you moderate the watch’s time-consuming search every time it searches a connection. To disable the connectivity, you have to enter the app menu, open the watch settings, and click on the connectivity menu.

 Disable The Pedometer Manually

The smartwatches work as a fitness band and track your physical activities. Therefore, the users install many health monitoring apps like heart rate monitors, pedometers, and a sedentary reminder to track health properly. Among these apps, a pedometer consumes the maximum amount of battery. It happens because every time, you will move the pedometer functions. So, if you want to improve the battery life of your smartwatch, you have to disable the pedometer manually. Whenever you feel that the battery of your smartwatch is running out, then you can turn off the pedometer manually.

Turn Off The Monitor Sensor

Monitor sensor is a vital feature of a smartwatch that needs either a tilt or lift to wake up the smartwatch. But whenever this gesture lights up the screen, it ultimately drains the battery. So, if you want to enhance the battery life of the smartwatch, you have to switch off the motion sensor of the smartwatch.


We can assure by following all these tips, you can improve the battery life of your smartwatch. However, many users prefer to use an excessively bright screen or connect every app to their smartwatch. But undoubtedly, it will impact the battery of the smartwatch. So, you must limit using the apps on your smartwatch and follow the mentioned tips to save your battery life. You can keep the smartwatch on your wrist at night and track your health condition while sleeping by saving battery life. So, when buying a smartwatch on this Christmas Sales 2021, make sure to consider the battery life.

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