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The New DIRECTV NOW DVR Cloud: All You Need to Know About

The New DIRECTV NOW DVR Cloud: All You Need to Know About

DIRECTV NOW DVR could offer better promotions and more channels. Instead, it is decided to increase prices while the content refined. It used to be one of the best providers of live TV streaming services, but after recent changes, we scratch our heads.

In today’s live TV market, viewers are overwhelmed with options. Not only among independent cable alternatives, but cable companies also compete to be the first option for cable cutters. We analysed all the options for live TV broadcasts side by side in an overview. In this series, the individual services compete against each other to allow the viewers more direct comparisons.

If you change from traditional cable or satellite television, you do not have to pay any additional fees or sign a contract. But is DIRECTV NOW a good deal then?

In 2016, AT&T launched DirectTV Now DVR as an another to its more traditional DirecTV cable service, letting subscribers stream cable channels lacking the assurance. With various package tiers, users can choose access to anywhere from 45 to 125 channels available through online and mobile apps. 


After months of testing, DIRECTV NOW has launched the expected DIRECTV NOW 2.0 and True Cloud DVR application.

Although the DVR is technically still in beta, it has openly released on Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the Internet.

All subscribers receive 20 hours of free space in their subscription. You can upgrade to 100 hours of storage for $ 10 / month later this summer.

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DIRECTV NOW DVR True Cloud overview and review

·         You can record 20 hours to save up to 30 days (or upgrade to 100 hours later this summer).

·         Fast forward or jump in most recordings

·         Record a single episode or a complete series

·         You can not fill events so you can lose a part if they run during the scheduled time

·         The recording starts from the moment you press Record, even if you were already on that channel

DirecTV Now:

DIRECTV NOW also works on a wide-ranging variety of devices

• Mac and PCs: especially Chrome and Safari browsers

• Roku (selected models) *

• Apple TV (fourth generation or later)

• IOS/Apple devices

• Tablets and Android phones

• Amazon Fire TV and stick

• Chromecast

• Samsung smart TVs

Whichever service you choose, it’s always better to check the device model of your preferred transmission device and check the detailed compatibility specifications. For example, many older models of Rokus and Apple TVs are not compatible with all newer streaming services.

It’s also worth noting that DIRECTV NOW 4K support is lacking… in that, it doesn’t support 4K content currently. AT&T has talked about it, but it’s been a while since they first promised it without any follow-through.

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DVR (free cloud storage)

With DIRECTV NOW, you also get a free DVR, regardless of the plan, at no additional cost. While that’s good, with only 20 hours of storage for 30 days, it feels a bit lacking and can’t compete with competitors like YouTube TV (unlimited storage for nine months) or even Sling TV (50) hours of cloud storage ). Since the DIRECTV NOW DVR service is free with each plan, you cannot complain too much for approximately 20 hours, unless you want to record things.

Another disadvantage is that you cannot record content on-demand with the DIRECTV NOW DVR for later storage. Videos on demand that your record must view before they retrieved from the library.

DirecTV Now vs. Hulu Live TV

To compete with the growing demand for wireless (and local) live streaming cable network options, the popular Hulu 2017 streaming service has added Hulu Live TV. The advanced service option gives viewers access to more than 65 cable channels and access to the local network, as well as the ability to DVR in the cloud.

Streaming and DVR functions

DirectTV Now cannot keep up with Hulu Live TV when it comes to streaming features. Yes, both services can be transmitted simultaneously on two screens. DirecTV Now is a bit cheaper to update and offers an increase to three displays for another $ 5 per month. Hulu Live TV, however, is switching from two screens to unlimited for an additional $ 9.99 per month.

In terms of DVR options, Hulu Live TV is way ahead of DirecTV Now, which additionally added new Cloud DVR, and is currently limited to 20 hours of free storage (keeping records up to 30 days only). Hulu Live TV offers a cloud DVR with up to 50 hours of recording storage, which can increase to 200 hours with the Enhanced Cloud DVR add-on ($ 9.99). For $ 14.99 per month, subscribers can combine the enhanced cloud DVR with unlimited screen features.

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