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Best Headphones for Music Composers

Best Headphones for Music Composers

Today, wireless headphones are one of the most popular gadgets of the moment worldwide. Music Composers especially after the launch of the Air Pods, these devices have opened a new range of possibilities, and almost overnight, the market flooded with proposals for nearly all needs with a common denominator: the absence of cables.

Although the cancellation of background sound is one of the most desired after feature and appreciated by users, offered by the kinds of Focal Utopia, we must bear in mind that not everyone demands it, although there are more and more models that incorporate it for a price that is not too high. They are those who like to listen to music without having to hear background noise or for those who travel and want to isolate from external interruptions, for example.

Another detail that must take into account is knowing if we opt for a traditional headband or if we choose for the so-called in-ear, inserted directly into our ear.

After taking into account these important details, and also that there is a wireless headset for (almost) everyone’s desire, we leave you the list with the best you can buy in the market. But first, some basics of buying a good headphone.

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Why Opt for Headphones Without Wires?

If you are a music lover, or music composers those who listen to it every day with their earphones or headphones will know that one of the main advantages of Bluetooth headphones is that they have no cables. But this translates into many more benefits.

By Size

There are three types of cordless headphones depending on the size; these are:

In-ear Bluetooth headphones: Its size is minimal and seals the ear canal. These are the perfect Bluetooth headphones for running or sports.

Bluetooth headphones On-ear: also called Supra-auralheadphones. These are the type of headphones that placed above the ears, so they are not very intrusive.

Over-ear Bluetooth headphones: these are the headphones that cover the entire ear. Very popular among those looking for outside noise cancellation. Study professionals widely use them for their high quality and technology. Music composers usually play good audio and stand out for being comfortable headphones.

By Form

Depending on what kind of Bluetooth headset you want to buy, you should take into account the form. Also, since these headphones do not have cables, some types of shapes are more comfortable than others.

Clip: One of the main problems of the headphones is that they fall, and this is a big problem with the Bluetooth headphones that they can easily get lost. Well, to solve this, the clip headphones were created. These ensure stability and are attached to the ear with a clip, so if you want a Bluetooth headset to run, let them be with a clip!

Behind the neck: although Bluetooth headphones do not have a cable, this type has a cable that is located behind the back of the neck and connects the two headphones. They are quite light and straightforward headphones, so they are also used by many athletes.

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Our Pics:

Cowin E7 Pro

This headband and the wireless model have conquered a large number of users for its excellent sound quality and detail that many values today. The option of active noise cancellation is a beneficial option for trips or workplaces. Another feature that is highly valued by those who have tried them is their powerful battery, capable of operating for more than 30 hours at full charge. They are very easy to synchronize via Bluetooth and accompanied by a practical semi-rigid case with a small mesh where the cables can carry, best headphones for Music composers

Homscam Mini Twins In-Ear

Unlike the previous ones, these are perfect for those who don’t just get used to the headband and want something lighter and more comfortable. Designed as an ear-in (inside the ear), this Homscam model also enjoys enormous popularity, and many recommend them for sports. Mostly praising the excellent value for money. In general, they emphasize that they connect via Bluetooth very easily in addition to pairing very quickly and linking to the phone with a simple touch. They have a battery range of 15 hours, an amount to consider despite its small size, and you won’t find many such options in the market. Both the left and right earphones are compatible with answering and hanging up calls, a feature highly appreciated by those who use them for sports. Another detail, in addition to its competitive price, are the three caps of different sizes to adapt to all sizes.

Syllable S101 Mini Twins Ear-In

The concept of this Syllable is similar to the previous model, although slightly more expensive, something that experts attribute to details such as its powerful battery as it’s able to withstand 12 hours of playback on a single charge – and also your cargo box. As for the functionalities, they work through Bluetooth 5.0, which ensures high-quality sound and stereo music at a clear quality and microphone with a range of up to 10 meters. Something that must take into account is that it has a 12-month warranty and that it is very easy to connect with most mobile phones to be able to talk without taking the terminal and bringing it to the ear. Although at a higher cost, the warranty and high fidelity of the product, surely makes it almost worth it.

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Mpow IPX7

If you are looking for something of sporty design, you should take into account these Mpow wireless headphones via Bluetooth with other interesting details: noise cancellation and the possibility of answering calls, being compatible with both Android and iPhone. One of its significant assets is its price, quite affordable for the qualities it presents at a technical and material level. They are very light, and their fast charge ensures you 8-10 hours of playback. It is waterproof, something of value when you sweat since this functionality keeps them safe.

Audio Technical

Audio Technical headphones have a good reputation for casual listening and intensive tasks in the studio. Notably, the ATH-M50x models have won high praise for their performance in the $ 150 range. The top line, the reference headphones ATH-R70x, can compete with the best of this list in sound quality.


Device accessories, or peripherals, can significantly improve our experience. That is why we work to implement the best technology to enhance its characteristics. One of the latest developments in technological accessories is the implementation of Bluetooth, and this allows us to connect via this technology without the need for cables.

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