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How To Unlock New Warframes?

How To Unlock New Warframes?

You have likely heard of Warframe before, and if you clicked on this article, chances are that you are playing it for the first time right now and may be wondering if you are stuck with the frame you picked at the beginning of the game.

Or, this is the first time you hear of this game, and you may be wondering just what the hell a “frame” is, in which case let us clarify:

Warframes are the metallic bodies that the spirit of a Tenno (you, the player) may inhabit and each comes with its own special set of skills and weapons that fit a variety of different gameplay roles.

Since the game is not exactly clear about how you get new frames, we decided to make this short article showing you some ways to acquire new bodies for your Tenno.

The Good’ol Grind

If you are the type of player that likes to feel like you’ve earned the stuff you get in a game, this is going to be your go-to method, no matter how long it takes, or how many times you have to kill a boss, you will get that frame you want.

If that sounds like you, whenever you reach a new planet in the game, you will want to push your way into an assassination mission at the end of which you will eventually get a component for a new frame.

A boss will always drop one of the three components of a particular frame (chassis, neuroptic and system), which you will then want to put on the forge with a blueprint.

The forging process takes about 12 hours, so you may want to go do something else while you wait.


A lot of frames can also be acquired by completing one of the several quest lines available in the game, in fact, completing the whole quest line thus far should leave you with something around eleven new armors to play around with.

Even then you might have to do some farming as many times the game will only give you a base blueprint as a reward, leaving you to hunt for all the remaining components on your own.

Buy Them

Now, if you just want to get that one frame you think it’s really cool so you can play with your friends or do one of those fabulous screenshot sessions, you always have the option to just buy them.

This will normally involve getting WF platinum, which you can acquire with real money or even by selling warframes you already own and trading for components with other players, so you can always find a way to get that one frame you wanted.


Warframe does a wonderful job of monetizing a free game while making it fair for all player types, there is never a single frame that is locked behind a paywall, and if there was, you can always buy it by investing nothing but time into the game.

This is a fine balance that not all games do right, but when they do, it creates this wonderful freedom for players to develop their own strategy for unlocking their favorite frames.

In fact, what is your favorite frame, and how did you get it? Tell us in the comments!

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