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How Smart Lock Change the Way, We Enter Our Homes

How Smart Lock Change the Way, We Enter Our Homes

Even though Smart Lock indeed become a bit more secure, there’s no denying that door locks haven’t changed substantially in the past period. They have a pretty basic job, and they’re usually fairly good at it, especially deadbolts. However, with all the recent technological advancements in the world of home security, it was only a matter of period before somebody decided to take advantage of them and implement them somehow.

The result of that implementation is the smart lock. It’s something that’s still not as popular and common as it should be but is rapidly progressing in that regard. With that in mind, many security-conscious owners are starting to replace their conventional locks with smart locks. If you’re looking into that as an option, you must be beaming with questions.

How does it work? What are the benefits? Is it worth it? And we’ve got the answers to all of those questions for you. Below, we’ll take a good look at smart locks and why they’re better than a conventional lock, and we’ll discuss how they’re rapidly changing the way you enter your home.

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What Is a Smart Lock?

The smart lock is a replacement for your conventional lock. In terms of physical security, they really well made, and they’re just as secure as a regular lock. However, unlike a traditional lock, they don’t open with a key.

Instead, they give you a few options in terms of unlocking, and they’re all safer than a key. To add to this, they usually connected to the internet, which gives you a few other extra functionalities that you’ll appreciate.

The Unlocking Options

Smartphone Unlock

By far the most popular option, most smart locks come with a Bluetooth connection which you can use to connect them to your smartphone. Once you do the initial setup, things are a lot easier. All you will have to do is walk up to the lock with your smartphone in your pocket, and Bluetooth on, and as soon as they connect, the lock will unlock for you. It is incredibly convenient, and some locks will let you configure this, such as setting up a prompt before it automatically opens/unlocks, to add a bit more security.

PIN Unlock

The other option is with a PIN code. It is pretty self-explanatory, and you set a PIN code when you first install the lock, which will unlock it when entered. There’s a numeric keypad on the locks, where you enter the code, which is pretty simple.

The straight thing here is that you can have multiple PIN codes for different functions. For example, you could have one for yourself and another for your kids, which will let you know when your kids got home from school. You could even set up temporary codes which can give in friends or relatives when necessary and will expire later on.

Biometric Unlock

It is a reasonably advanced unlock option, and not all locks will come with it. Biometric security makes use of your fingerprint to open the lock. It is by far the most secure method, but as we mentioned, it usually reserved for higher-end models.

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Why Is It better?

The first reason why a smart lock is better is convenience. Not having to carry around a key with you does make things easier, and with Bluetooth unlock, the door will unlock as soon as you get close to it.

However, the second, and much more important reason, is the added security and complete overview of your front door. The thing is, when your lock doesn’t use a key, you no longer have to keep a spare key outside your door. Burglars know this, and they may try to find it if they set on breaking into your home.

To make things even better a connected smart lock will send alerts on your phone whenever something happens.  Whether your kids got home from school, or your spouse left for work, you’ll know thanks to the smart lock’s internet connection instantly. It basically shows you everything that’s going on with your front door, which does help with security. Oh, and if your kid forgets the PIN, you can unlock the door remotely and let them in.

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Is It Worth It?

Even though currently these locks are somewhat expensive, they’re still a great way of adding quite a bit of security to your front door. And since the front door is where most burglars start, you’ll want every extra bit of security you can get. If you ask us, yes, a smart lock at your front door is more than worth it when it comes to safety.

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