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Three Methods Through Which You Can Become a Successful SEO Reseller!

Three Methods Through Which You Can Become a Successful SEO Reseller!

You Can Be a Successful SEO Reseller by Looking for Clients for an Agency!

The first thing that you need to understand is that not everyone will be able to become a successful SEO reseller. Many people try to do this and fail. The main reason for failure is the fact that they are not informed enough, and they do not understand what they need to do to become successful. So, before you get your hopes too high, you need to understand the difficulty of the task. There are only three methods through which you can have success in this endeavour.

The first one is to search for clients for an SEO agency. The method is almost the same as affiliate marketing. Your job will be to market the services of the agency, and you will get a share for every client that you can bring to the agency. But not everyone will be able to do this. For some may be very difficult to do this, while for others, it may be easy to monetize with this method.

What types of persons can make money by using this method?

There are three types of persons that can become a successful SEO reseller very easy and have a lot of success. These persons can accomplish specific requirements that will help them immensely in making a lot of money from this method.

  • SEO blogger. If you have a blog in the SEO niches, or if you can publish articles on one, then you can make use of that to market the services on an SEO agency. This ability will allow you to find and collaborate with a reliable agency and bring customers for a share of the profits. But you must ensure that the agency that you market is a reliable one and it has all the abilities that it needs to help the customers sent by you. Otherwise, you will get a bad image, and you will not only be unable to make money from this endeavour, but you will also lose the followers of your blog.
  • Large network. The second type of people that can make money from this endeavour is those that have many connections in the industries that may need SEO services. For example, if you have an online shop and you know a lot of people that are in similar situations with your own, then you have high chances to make a lot of cash. How so? Well, you need to find a reliable agency, use their services to grow your website, and then collaborate with the agency to recommend it to your network. The better the results you got from the agency, the more clients you will be able to bring to them because you will be more convincing.
  • Affiliate marketing specialist. Lastly, if you are an affiliate marketing expert, you can try and make money from this type of collaboration. You should know that it is not easy to find a reliable agency. Due to the popularity of the industry, there are a lot of agencies on the internet. But very few of them have proper skills and abilities. If you can find one of them that wants to find collaborators, then you can market their services to the webmaster that do not know how to find a good and reliable agency. On a second thought, there are services that allow you to install a piece of pre-coded affiliate software for a variety of CMSes and manage your campaign independently.

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A Digital Marketing Agency Can Introduce a New Service by Becoming an SEO Reseller!

Another method through which you can become a successful SEO reseller is to introduce the SEO services yourself through a separate agency. There are two cases. The first is if you already have an online marketing agency and you want to introduce new services. And the second one is to create your SEO agency that resells the services of another SEO agency.

Benefits of introducing a new service for your agency through this method!

As an online marketing agency, you should know the benefits of introducing a new service after you have established yourself in the market. Not only will you be able to make more money from your current clients, but you will also be able to enter a new market and get a share of the pie. But the standard method of creating a new department in your business requires a lot of resources. On the other hand, the benefits of becoming a reseller are much higher.

  • Fast implementation: The first advantage of the reseller method is the time needed to implement the new service. The only thing that you need to do is to find a reliable agency that has exceptional capabilities and a reasonable price. You do not need to hire a new team, prepare the space for the department, and train them based on the brand image of your agency. You will be able to save a lot of time, and you should know how much benefits you will get in the future from this saved time.
  • No investments: Just imagine how much money and effort you will need to invest in the new department—buying all the tools that your team needs will be a high investment by itself. The process of employing and creating a team from scratch will also cost you a lot. Moreover, the salaries of your team can be even higher than how you will need to pay the SEO agency. On the other hand, the only money you will have the pay the agency is the cost of their services after you take you to get paid by your clients and get your share. So, your investment will be close to 0, and you will only get the profits.
  • More profits: Depending on the location of your agency. The costs of providing SEO services may be even higher than what it would cost you to pay the agency for their services. It does not matter if that is not true, but due to the time saved and the ability to focus on only selling a service without providing it will allow your profits to be much higher than what you can expect from a new SEO department. Why would you want to build a new SEO department if you have the method to make a lot more money without doing that? And even if you do not like to introduce a new service, you can use other strategies to make money from this type of endeavour.

You Can Also Become a Successful SEO Reseller Through a Collaboration Between Agencies!

As an online marketing agency, you may have many clients that ask you if you provide SEO services as well. Most agencies are pushed by their clients to make the jump and introduce new services. But if you do not want to do that, then there is another solution as well. You can become an SEO reseller through a collaboration with an agency. When your clients ask you about SEO, you can send them to the agency for a price.

But to do this, you will need to find a reliable agency. And that is not an easy task as well. If you do not want to disappoint your customers, then you need to find an agency that will be able to satisfy them. So, you need to ensure that the agency complies with three essential requirements before you start a partnership with them.

  • Top skills: The most significant step is to find an agency that has top skills and abilities. Doing this may not be very hard to find out. All you have to do is to check the website of the agency. After that, you must also test their services. If the agency can take proper care of their website and the content published there proves their ability, then you can almost be sure of their skills. But you will still need to test the services yourself to make the collaboration bulletproof.
  • Top results: The second requirement is for the agency to be able to produce maximum results for your clients. Even if their skills are top-notch, this does not mean that they can create the full results. Without enough experience and an exceptional track record, it will be hard to trust the agency. So, you should find out the results produced by the agency in the past. Fortunately, most agencies understand this. And you can find their results directly on the website. Make sure that the results showcased are not older by six months. Otherwise, the skills and abilities of the agency may already be redundant.
  • Compatible prices: The last key factor of a possible collaboration between you and the agency is the price of their services. They must be compatible with the ones from your agency. If you try to sell services that cost much more than your services, then it will be hard to succeed. The opposite is also correct. If the agency charges too little in comparison with your prices, then your clients may believe that the agency that you recommended cannot bring them satisfactory results. And you may not have the time, or it may not be worth it to convince them otherwise.

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