Tips to Speed Up Your Web Application Development

Time is one of the most precious resources in web development. Even a simple web application has extensive code underneath that requires much time and effort. Timely met deadlines signify that a web development project was well-planned and effectively fulfilled. At the same time, reduced time-to-market determines the future success of a web application among its users.

Unfortunately, time is never enough. Therefore, software developers search for practical ways to speed up the creation of applications. In this article, we’ve gathered the most useful tips on how to accelerate web app development substantially.

What Software Development Speed Depends on?

The speed of software development relies on several factors divided into two main categories: organizational and technical.

The organizational category involves everything that belongs to the project management process, including but not limited to:

  • project planning;
  • team ramp-up and distribution of roles and responsibilities;
  • selection of development tools.

The technical category is all about the development tools. Software developers should know which frameworks, libraries, plugins, and other instruments to use for a particular project. Well-chosen tools help to speed up the web development process and ensure application quality.

Let’s have a look at each category in detail.

Project Planning

When a project is well-elaborated, it’s easy to perform for the web development team. For this, software developers and project managers usually consider the following points:

  • aims and objectives of a project;
  • deadlines and milestones;
  • the technical side of a developed application (its architecture, API integrations, which technologies in web development includes voice assistants, chatbots, IoT functionality, etc.).

To build a web application fast and effectively, software engineers utilize  Agile methodology in their projects. The Agile approach helps develop web applications in line with customer and target audience requirements and adds or changes any application functionality upon customer request.

Project team Ramp-up

The speed of web app development dramatically depends on the size and expertise of a project team. The more knowledgeable specialists a team has, the faster is the development. The smaller the group, the easier it’s to manage. Small teams usually tackle various problems faster, though if a project has many complex issues, then a big team suits it better.

Above all, it’s essential that every team participant has precise tasks and objectives, understands their roles well, and knows who to refer to in case of any emerging difficulties.

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Selection of Development Tools

Development tools allow building web applications much faster. They include:

  • Frameworks – software development platforms. They usually have preset configurations, provide software developers with a code foundation on which an application is built, including a wide range of additional tools that speed up the development and ensure source code high quality and safety.
  • Libraries – represent collections of various sources, including data configuration, documentation, pre-written code, and many other components that alleviate software development.
  • Plugins – are software components that add specific features to an application to extend its functionality—for example, adding an email sender or contact forms to a website.
  • IDEs – an integrated development environment that helps build applications by combining various development tools in one program.

How to Boost your Software Development Process?

Now, as you’ve got acquainted with the key factors that affect software development speed, let’s have a look at handy and practical web development tips.

Organizational tips

  • Break your project into small and manageable chunks and allocate the tasks among the team members. This practice will help you to better structure your project, and your team will have a clearer vision of the development process.
  • Create the roadmap of your project and define its milestones and deadlines. This way, you’ll have control over your project, and it’ll be easy to track its accomplishment.
  • Use project management, messengers, and note-taking applications to establish and allocate tasks among your team effectively.
  • Determine the size of your development team. If a project is involved, such as developing enterprise applications and business applications with the latest functionality, you’ll need an extended team. Though, if your project involves building something simple, like a landing-page website, then one developer might be enough.
  • Incorporate Agile practices into your web application development. For example, Kanban boards to track the project workflow, daily stand-up meetings to discuss work progress, and others.
  • Decrease your work in progress (WIP). The WIP defines the number of tasks in progress. The more tasks your team is doing, the longer it takes for them to complete the project. Therefore, if you use Kanban boards to track the workflow, it’s important to minimize the number of tasks in the doing column.
  • Avoid technical debt. Software developers may opt for quick but low-quality decisions in coding. It can be an excellent strategic solution to have an early release of a feature, but they’ll have to fix the code later. If they do it often, the technical debt accumulates and eventually leads to system complexity. To minimize the deficit, software developers must perform code refactoring and try to write it lean from the start.

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Technical tips

  • Use front-end and back-end development frameworks for building your web applications faster.

Web developers often use front-end frameworks like Angular.JS, React.js, and Vue.js that run on JavaScript, have full-fledged MVC development patterns. A wide range of out-of-the-box tools, like templates, improved protection, better routing, component CSS encapsulation, and others. They make web application development a simple, fast, and enjoyable practice.

For building the back-end layer, web developers can use Laravel that runs on PHP. It allows making any web application that is easy to deploy and maintain. Also, they often use Node.js that runs on JavaScript and fits well with other JavaScript frameworks. Node.js helps to build various web solutions with rich functionality and impressive performance.


Another great framework that suits well for web development is. NET. Its ASP.NET Development Services allows quickly building dynamic web applications that run on macOS, Linux, Windows, and other platforms. ASP.NET alleviates and speeds up web development as it has an extensive range of tools that web developers use to build robust, fast, and secure applications.

  • Integrate various libraries into frameworks. Libraries help web developers build their web applications faster by reusing parts of a code multiple times and improving the code quality, making it shorter and more efficient.

Although most frameworks have their built-in libraries, web developers can find more free and useful libraries on Github and other specialized sites.

  • Enhance your web application with plugins. Plugins can significantly extend the functionality of your applications. Moreover, software developers don’t need to write it from scratch. They can find various plugins on GitHub and other software development sites for free.
  • Use IDEs and code editors. These programs help web developers to write their codes much faster as they include auto-suggestions, code auto-completion, and many other useful tools. There is a wide range of IDEs. The most popular have IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio Code, and others.


Various techniques, tools, and tricks can significantly speed up the web application development process. However, not everyone can put them into practice effectively.

Therefore, when considering developing your web application, it’s essential to find the software development company that will provide you with top-notch web application development services and will timely release and introduce your application into the market.

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