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Best Discord Features for you to try out now!

Best Discord Features for you to try out now!

Intro: Discord has been around since 2015 and has continued to grow its user base exponentially. They introduce new updates and features to enhance the user experience for their growing fan base. Are you the type of person who is always looking for new ways to spice up your online gaming experience? Or maybe you are just bored with all the same old features that don’t fall in line with what you want. Whatever it may be, we have got some pretty awesome updates for Discord this year! Following are some excellent features you may not know yet:

1. Themes: Discord recently introduced themes that allow users to add a bit of flair to their chat client. While there are only a few official themes available now, we know that developers will add more in the future. It is still pretty nice to be able to customize your client without the worry of theme restrictions.

2. Beta Launches: While many discord users are used to Discord’s penchant for constant updates and bug fixes, there have been a few instances where beta versions of Discord have been released to test out new features. While each of these betas was only released quickly, they add a bit of excitement to an already action-packed chat client.

3. New Bots: Believe it or not, tons of bots have been added in the last year alone! These range from bots dedicated to music and memes — to even one that creates a roulette wheel out of user suggestions. Choose your bots by visiting and enhance your discord experience relative to gaming, schooling, office meetings, fandom discussions, and ultimately, any field you are using your discord account for.

4. Screen Sharing: Users have been asking for screen-sharing for quite some time, and Discord has finally listened! It is the perfect way to show your latest masterpiece in Photoshop or even gameplay from specific titles. You can now share whatever window you have open on your desktop, and it will even follow you as you move to different servers.

5. Instant Invite Links: Discord has finally introduced instant invite links. No more wasting time trying to copy and paste a link and hoping that you got everything right; this new feature allows users with large servers to cut down on the hassle of sharing those pesky links. You can also change the look of your invite links! Not only can you change the link text, but you can even use custom images to create your unique invite link. You are no longer limited to using a standard color scheme for your link; now, you can make it as bright and beautiful as you want.

Rich Presence

6. Rich Presence: Rich presence is a great way to let gamers know who you are and what you are playing, but it also comes with a lot of nifty minor stats that will allow users to see how many hours their friends have clocked into the game as well as any medals they’ve earned. Discord is even working on integration with games to let users know the status of your raids.

7. Nitro Game Perks: Nitro game perks are a blast! Once signed up, you will have access to additional features that include: custom emotes, animated profile images, larger file uploads (100 MB), and even special discounts on games through the Discord store.

8. Official Game Store: Another great new feature released by Discord recently was the new game store where you can purchase and download games directly through Discord and launch them right from within the app! It is a massive step in the direction of making it simple and easy for you to access the games you want while not having yet another place to look. Discord will continue to introduce new features that help gamers find great options quickly! The store currently has over 50 games from indie developers, with more being added every day!

Channel Feed

9. Channel Feed: This new update almost sounds too good to be true! The channel feed will give you a complete, chronological list of everything in the channel. It is beneficial if you run a large channel or server and need to keep up with all of the action as it happens. Now you can easily access all activities and responses by simply scrolling through your feed.

10. GIFs will Autoplay! It is about time that Discord added this, right? Images take up so much space on our screens that minimizing them gets annoying after a while. With the new update, images won’t need to be underestimated because they will see Autoplay! Just another fantastic feature to make your experience more enjoyable on Discord. Also, the Stickers are back! When Discord first came out, they wanted to make sure that their users didn’t see the invite link feature as a way for Discord to monetize their platform. When invites were not allowed, stickers became immensely popular because people wanted another type of customization. Now, you can see your friends’ faces everywhere in Discord with their personalized stickers! The sticker store has come back and better than ever. It only makes the entire experience even more enjoyable for all who love to talk about gaming.

Order fake fast food

11. Order fake fast food: Now, with the new bots coming out one after another, it can be hard to keep up with what’s good. But this is a bot you should try! The burger bot allows you to customize your “burger” how you like it, including animated toppings that are so awesome. You can even order your burger with their particular discord exclusive sauce, which tastes excellent, virtually.

12. Shortcuts: Discord allows you to access numerous keyboard shortcuts for easier and faster access to your favorite things. You can find shortcuts by clicking the gear symbol (settings) on the bottom left of the screen and then going to “keyboard shortcuts”.

  • With the markdown texts option, you can better express yourself by utilizing italics, bold, and slash texts in your conversations.
  • You can also set up discord hotkeys, so you have everything at your fingertips for faster texting and customization of your Discord.
  • Discord chat commands allow you to search for gifs, read your texts aloud, emphasize your text, insert emotes, mark your text as a spoiler, and so on.

Conclusion: What are you waiting for? Get your voice heard and join the community! With a lot of excellent features to enjoy, it’s not too late to start having fun. Whether you’re looking for a way to have some serious conversations or want to talk about the latest episode of Rick and Morty, this is where you can find people who share your interests.

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