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Is Image Consultancy a Good Career?

Is Image Consultancy a Good Career?

consultants: Mesmerizing architecture, ornate interior décor, and elaborate, crinoline-supported silk gowns not the only standout features of the Victorian era, which mark by stringent and intricate rules for etiquette and social conduct – there are 400-page books written merely on etiquettes!

One is compelled to question, “Why?” Why bother to follow so many (a lot of them ridiculous) rules? Well, times may have changed, but the driving factor is still the same – image. People held positive self-projection as dearly as their lives, and they still do today.

The lucrative career of an image consultants testifies to this fact. However, is it a good career option for you? The points discussed below can shed some light.

1. Diverse career options to choose from, and all GLAM!

An image consultant’s job role is one that is respectable and glamorous, not merely due to the financially rewarding aspect, but also the opportunity to be able to change lives – through changing the way people are perceived.

Almost everyone is in the business of dealing with people, and image consultants help their clients make that lasting impression through improved professional or personal conduct, body language, dressing style, and communication skills. The field forks out into multiple career paths – personal stylist, wardrobe consultant, celebrity stylist, grooming coach, corporate image consultant, and more.

2. Matchless work flexibility

What do you do on days when you simply do not wish to get out of your pyjamas or your house, for that matter? Well, as an image consultant, you simply take advantage of work flexibility! Most image consultants’ work is not location or time-specific. You can work from an office, have clients visit home, take them on a personal shopping spree, or simply lounge in your cosiest sleepwear. This helps you enjoy an optimal work-life balance.

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3. Entrepreneurship under your budget

Maybe you dream of becoming a financially independent entrepreneur one day, maybe juggling household responsibilities and a full-time job has become more than you can take, or perhaps you simply want to drop out of the 9-to-5 rat race. Whatever the reason, pursuing image consultancy will help you set your own practice at affordable costs.

In fact, the only major costs involved are those incurred on studying a formal course, setting up a website, and printing visiting cards (a cost you can avoid if you already own a printer!).

4. Even the future is promising

Long gone are the days when only a privileged few could afford and employ the services of an image consultant. The current market is overflowing with demand for these consultants – some looking for a dating guru, some in need of an adept executive coach, while others want the guidance of an etiquette coach.

More and more people becoming conscious of the importance of positive image projection only means good news for an image consultant’s future.

So what does it take to become an image consultant?

Becoming an image consultant is rewarding and financially worthwhile. But, how to become one, right? The first place to start is to pursue image consultancy course from a well-respected institution such as the Pearl Academy. Their Personal Styling and Image Consultancy course design to equip students with all the necessary tools and creative strategies needed for customized styling and client management.

This coupled with a hands-on internship and a stellar portfolio will draw clients like moth to a flame!

One final benefit of image consultancy is that it’s a job anyone can master, provided they nurture their creative genius, do not shy away from hard work, and commit themselves to keeping their clients at the center of it all.

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