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5 Benefits of Staffing Agencies To Your Companies

5 Benefits of Staffing Agencies To Your Companies

Why do recruiting firms make placements for leading companies such as Amazon, AT&T, Chevron, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and much more? Many companies make use of staffing agencies to recruit candidates and fill job openings on their teams.

Staffing agencies also help these companies to search for the right candidates that can fill the vacant space and has the required skillsets.

Therefore, the position in the companies can be full-time or part-time, temporary, contract to hire or a direct-hire full-time basis.

What Do Staffing Agencies Do for Companies?

Staffing agencies screen resumes, check references, schedule interviews shortlists candidates and place candidates on a job based on the relationship with the company.

The candidate is an employee of the staffing agencies working under the direction of the employer.

Regardless of how well an organization schedules its workforce, staffing shortages are bound to occur. Using a staffing agency to hire employees allows employers of the companies to focus on the growth of their business.

The following is a review of 5 Benefits of Employment Agencies for Companies which I have summarized below:

1. Reduce Overtime Payment

Rather than putting extra demands on permanent staff, an employer can make use of a staffing agency and bring in temporary workers to help split the amount of work during the peak period.

This saves them from burning over-time costs for employees if they work on an hourly base which is a major advantage of staffing agencies.

2. Reduced Overhead Costs

Permanent employees are costlier than the salary they are paid. Moreover, they cost the company vacation pay, sick days, healthcare, 401k retirement plans and employment staff.

With a staffing agencies, an employer does not have to pay any of that because they only pay them for the work done without additional overhead costs.

3. Save on Training and Reduce Hiring Risks

Training new employees require a major investment in terms of costs and time.

When searching for someone that can cover some months’ worth of work, you don’t need to train them. By making use of an employment agency an employer has access to someone who’s ready to do the work they need.

4. The Need for Short-term Employee

An employer may need a temporary employee because a permanent staff is on maternity leave, sick, taking a leave of absence or have a family emergency.

However, hiring through a staffing agency offers an employer the flexibility to replace the permanent staff with a temporary employee for a short period.

5. A Staffing Specialist Increases ROI and Saves Time

Sometimes employers checking resumes may have other projects that need a professional to handle it or someone with a certain skill.

If it’s a temporary task that will take some time to complete, there is no need to hire them on a permanent basis.

A staffing agency can set an employer who has the skill and expertise to check hundreds of resumes, weed out unqualified candidates, check references and call candidates who are suitable for the job. This will save the companies time and reduce their cost.

When searching for an IT recruiting or staffing agency for companies, you can contact a professional recruitment company.

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