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Top Recommendations on Boosting Your Coding Speed

Top Recommendations on Boosting Your Coding Speed

How to Improve Your Coding Speed as a Programming Student

When one speaks about the set of skills every programming specialist should develop, speed is usually not among those that get mentioned most often. It is understandable: coding is extremely difficult, and with a variety of programming languages one has to deal with, and with the constant changes that happen in this sphere, there are plenty of other things to focus on.

However, if your ambitions lie beyond completing your current C assignment, and you genuinely expect to pursue a full-fledged career in programming, coding speed is something you have to start thinking about early on. The reason is simple: in any real-life work environment, it gets a lot of attention. Programmers cannot afford to spend an unreasonable amount of time polishing their code – they should not only present solutions to the problems but do it quickly as well. So how can you boost your coding speed right now? Let us take a closer look at a few methods.

Improve Your Typing Speed

If you are going to be a professional programmer somewhere down the road, you will have to master touch typing at some moment, period. The delay created by having to look at the keyboard every now and then may seem small and insignificant, but it adds up, and over the years it will save you hours upon hours of precious time. You will be able to complete your homework assignments faster and, what is even more important, you will no longer have to get distracted from your mental process as you work. When you type at the same speed as you think, it is easy to enter the state of flow and produce new code as quickly as it takes to create it in your head.

Build a Strong Foundation

It does not matter how quickly you type if you do not possess sufficient knowledge of your chosen programming language. And vice versa, if you have achieved automation in your knowledge and application of the rules of the programming languages you most commonly use, it will speed up your coding process even if you can only type while your eyes are glued to the keyboard.

What should you do to achieve this status? Spend additional time to master the intricacies of your primary programming language, keep yourself posted about the updates and changes that concern it, attend webinars, listen to lectures, read books, and so on. Once your knowledge of the language achieves a certain level, the speed will come naturally.

Learn to Use Help when Necessary

You will not be able to successfully complete every assignment on your own, irrespectively of the programming language you use. You may believe yourself to have already mastered C++, but eventually, you are more than likely to encounter an assignment that exceeds your current level.

If you realize it, do not continue to bash your head against it – instead, feel free to look for some C++ assignment help. This will both help you deal with your current assignment faster, and see how those with more experience tackle assignments that confuse you.

Spend More Time Practicing

Everybody with more than a passing knowledge of programming will tell you that the majority of time spent on writing a program is not spend on coding per se. Although boosting your coding speed will help you complete your assignments faster, you should take into account that other things take up much more time. Among them are looking for errors and fixing them, going online to look for the information on the problems as they appear, writing test code to see if this or that idea works, and so on.

The more practice you do, the less time you will have to spend on all these and other activities. If you have already dealt with a particular problem, there is no reason to test out its solutions again. If you have already looked for the solution to this task, you will not have to repeat it – and so on.

Creating a Focused Environment

The majority of time spent producing original code is spent in high-focus, high-concentration mode. You have to put all your brainpower into the task, without spending any fraction of it on other concerns. This means that a usual mode of work when you are constantly distracted (by emails, by Slack notifications, by your smartphone, by your TV, by your family members, by your browser, etc.) is simply not an option. Create an environment that will give you an opportunity to enter the full concentration mode, and you will be amazed at how much faster you manage to deal with your programming assignments.

Programming tasks are among the most demanding and difficult academic assignments a student has to deal with – use these approaches, and you will be able to save a lot of time when doing them!

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