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B2Broker x Match-Trader: New White Label Offering is Already Here

B2Broker x Match-Trader: New White Label Offering is Already Here

With the integration of Match-Trader, B2Broker, a global liquidity and technology provider, expands its white label liquidity offering for FX and crypto markets. As a result of this new integration, clients will be able to access a complete white label solution, exceptional commercial offers, and a ready-made integration with B2Core. With the addition of Match-Trader, B2Broker has added yet another expansion to its line-up, following the integration of cTrader in 2022. With this integration, B2Broker is demonstrating its commitment to providing its customers with the most comprehensive and versatile solution available.

New Match-Trader White Label Offer

Match Trader White Label (bullets, design, new website page)v (1)

To give brokers and their clients a complete Match-Trader experience, B2Broker has created a white label solution. The new service streamlines all necessary technology into a single product to significantly reduce costs for brokers. The product includes B2BinPay (a platform for processing cryptocurrency payments), B2Core (a CRM system), and access to B2Broker’s Prime of Prime liquidity pool. The new Match-Trader white label solution is sure to be a hit in the brokerage sector with all of these capabilities.

The Match-Trader white label makes online trading easy with its wide range of features and services. This comprises round-the-clock server support and technical assistance, devoted account managers, and their knowledge to guide you through the brokerage environment. To make sure that your staff is completely up to speed with the technology, training sessions are also offered as part of the white label package.

B2Broker’s Match Trader liquidity commercial (1)

Businesses looking for competitive commissions and a favorable volume charge can benefit from Match-Trader’s white label solution. Furthermore, the platform configuration is free, and there are no setup fees. Customers only need to invest a minimum liquidity fee for three months as an initial investment. This product is even more attractive since the customer benefits from a grace period of a whole calendar month along with the remaining days since the account was created in terms of a monthly minimum liquidity and connectivity requirement.

B2Core x Match-Trader integration

Match Trader x B2Core integration (design, etc) (1)

B2Broker also offers a ready integration of Match-Trader with B2Core on top of its white label offering. B2Core‘s Match-Trader will function like other platforms in the ecosystem. In other words, brokers can offer their consumers the same high-quality trading experience, with the option to open/manage trading accounts immediately and instantly connect to the platform through the trader’s room.

It is relatively straightforward to open an account with Match-Trader through B2Core. First of all, in order to facilitate the linking of all of your trading accounts, it is necessary for you to create a user account. Upon creating your Match-Trader user account, you will be able to link your margin trading account.

With the recent addition of Match-Trader to B2Core’s Platforms tab, a number of exciting features and capabilities are expected. Users will have the option to create both a demo and a live account so that they can experiment with different trading strategies in real time. Users also have the ability to deposit, withdraw, transfer, and make internal transfers. Additionally, the new download button for the dedicated Match-Trader terminal simplifies the process of accessing the platform and opening trades.

Final Thoughts

Combined with Match-Trader, B2Broker offers brokers a robust and exciting solution for offering their customers a comprehensive online trading experience. The package provides users with a wide range of powerful tools, making it a perfect fit for any organization that wishes to benefit from advanced technology. In the near future, Match-Trader will be incorporated into IB’s programming, which will provide an array of new opportunities. In addition to delivering user-friendly functionality efficiently, Match-Trader’s integration with IB will provide traders with access to a wide range of professional-grade options that are tailored to meet their business needs regardless of their size or complexity.

Match Trader x IB & B2Core Mobile are coming soon (1)

Moreover, Match-Trader will be integrated with B2Core mobile in the near future, allowing brokers to offer both worlds to their customers through a single platform. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of these game-changing products in the near future! The Match-Trader white label from B2Broker offers a wide range of features and capabilities that are well worth considering for your company.

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