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Best Robot customs & customizations with Robotnik

Best Robot customs & customizations with Robotnik

Robotnik focuses on the development and manufacturing of mobile platforms and mobile manipulators, as well as the development of engineering developments and R&D projects in mobile service robotics. It is currently a reference company in mobile robotics.

“Robot customs design typically requires expertise that only mechanical engineers and robotics specialists have,” says Adriana Schulz, PhD student, and co-author. “What’s exciting is that Robotnik developed a tool that allows an unplanned user to design their custom robots by giving them that expert knowledge.”

What is Custom Robots?

The Robo t custom Compiler takes a step towards realizing the vision of personal robots that has captured the imagination for decades. It allows non-technical users to quickly produce custom bots, making spreading bots into daily life easier.

On-demand personalized robots have enormous potential to impact everyday life and change how people interact with technology. However, so far, this potential has remained largely untapped. Building robots is usually limited to experts due to the vast knowledge, experience, and resources required. Robot Customization Compiler aims to break down these barriers with a comprehensive system for intuitively designing robots from high-level specifications. By describing a planned structure or behavior, casual users can immediately build and use a robot for their task.

How Customized robot systems work?

Tiesse Robot customs brings all its experience and in-depth know-how to studying and developing customized robotic systems.

Industrial automation requirements that are not reflected in previous projects or that are unique in a specific production context: the occasions when the company concretely demonstrates its creativity and originality in the design approach, calibrating the technological perspective of the production problem and the financial commitment of the individual customer.

Guided by a strong competitive and dynamic spirit, Tiesse Robot has always devoted significant resources to these exciting custom projects, creating new and highly innovative solutions over the years that have helped to write a chapter in the industrial history of robotic automation.

Customized robotic solutions

Although our robots are designed for precise business needs, we can start with little or no specifications. We leave plenty of room for creativity and original ideas.

Together with your product team, we develop a fully customizable solution that allows you to automate processes, leverage new business models, improve customer retention, introduce personalization, and much more.

From the idea to welding, we combine mechanics, electronics and software to create unique, tailor-made robotic solutions.

We strive to develop systems capable of supporting the least successful and underperforming processes from a performance standpoint and integrate them into an organization’s existing frameworks to complete the automation process through Robotnik.

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