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How to Upgrade Dynamics 365 Field Service Version

How to Upgrade Dynamics 365 Field Service Version

Dynamics 365 Field Service Version:  An Overview

The Dynamics 365 Field Service is a Microsoft application that was developed for business purposes. The software aids user organisations to deliver onsite services to customers in various locations. In this software, there is a combination of workflow automation, scheduled algorithms and high mobility which helps the organization workers to provide better service to the customers in the process of fixing their problems. The Field Service Application enables the user organization to perform an array of functions which can be categorized into the following:-

  1. Improving the first-time fixing rate.
  2. Increase the number of service calls per technician per week in an organization.
  3. Managing the follow up work better.
  4. Taking advantage of the up-sell and cross sell chances.
  5. Reducing the time taken to travel the distance for providing service.
  6. Organizing and tracking the process of resolving customer issues.
  7. Telling the customers, the exact time required to reach them.
  8. Providing exact technical details and account history to the field technician.
  9. Keeping customers updated with the information on their service call and the status of their service.
  10. Managing the on-site visits according to the convenience of the customer and also helping in proper maintenance by predicting the needs of the software.

In general, the Field Service application provides the tools required by customer care agents, service managers, people employed for dispatching goods, technicians in various fields and inventory managers. The application is capable of creating several work orders. These work orders are a general description of the work a technician requires to perform at the location of the customer.

Procedure for upgrading the Dynamics 365 Field Version:

The process of upgrading the Dynamics 365 Field Version can be categorised into the following:

  1. Upgrading the Field Service Application and
  2. Upgrading the Field Service Mobile.

In both the upgrading scenarios, although there are procedural differences, they follow a similar pattern. Firstly, the upgrading procedure of the current version of the Field Service Application is automatic because it is a part of the one version initiative by Microsoft. But, if an organization does not update to the newer version or even after the update, the upgrading can be set up manually in the following manner –

  • Signing in to with the details of the administrator is necessary.
  • Next, click on the Admin icon
  • Then select the Dynamics 365 Admin Center
  • Choose and highlight the environment consisting of the specific Field Service app which requires upgrading. Next in the top ribbon click on the Resources and then on Dynamics 365 apps.
  • Select the Field Service app from the list of available solutions. In case if an upgrade is available, it will be displayed on the screen.
  • If an upgrade is available, click on the Update visible on the screen.
  • Even after the user organization begins to receive automated updates due to the updated version, certain upgrades can be set up manually every seven days.

On the other hand, the upgrading procedure of the Field Service Mobile is not dependent on the Field Service app. But the two have certain similarities in the pattern. The Field Service Mobile receives some minor and major upgrades throughout a year. The process can be broken down into three distinct steps, namely, I) upgrading the Field Service Mobile app, II) upgrading the mobile configuration tool solution and III) upgrading the template of the mobile project. These steps can be illustrated as follows:

1. Upgrading the Field Service Mobile App

Usually, the technicians of an organization use the Field Service mobile app on mobile devices, for instance, mobile, laptops or other android or Windows 10 devices. In this format, the mobile app will require an upgrade from time to time. As and when the application will require an upgrade, the user will be notified. This up-gradation can be done manually, automatically or with the help of Microsoft Intune.

2. Upgrading the Mobile configuration tool solution

The next step involves the process of installing the latest version of the Mobile configuration tool solution in the mobile environment. This is an essential step that aids in unlocking the new capacities of the upgraded Field Service Mobile.

 3. Upgrading the Mobile Project Template

The mobile projects organize and hold the configurations and customizations of the mobile application. Thus, the mobile project template also requires an upgrade.

After the completion of the process of upgrading, several Field Service Solutions are upgraded. These include Resource Scheduling, Geofencing for field service and others.

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Need for upgrading the software:

The fact that every application or software is constantly evolving to suit the customer needs more efficiently, is a fact of the modern world. In the same manner Dynamics 365, Field Service application provides its users with the option of upgrading to a better version. The following are the advantages received from upgrading the software:

  • Not going back – Initially, when an organization installs the Dynamics 365 Field Service, all lot of customizations are performed to suit the individual requirements of the company. If this user organization later opts to install a new application rather than upgrading the existing one, all efforts initially given will go into vain. Also, the company cannot be completely sure that the same benefits can be reaped off the new application.
  • Reduced Costs in the long run – Every new application brings with it newer charges of installation, deployment and customization. This implies that every time a company installs a new application, it involves itself in a renewed expenditure procedure. In this scenario, upgrading the already installed application reduces the expenditure on installation and maintenance
  • Reaping benefits from the new features – An upgrade usually implies that the company providing the application or software has introduced certain new features in it or has improved the existing features of the software. In both cases, it is more beneficial to take advantage of the new or improved features of the application.
  • Inspections – The upgraded version of the Dynamics 365 can inspect and create new visuals from the existing data or increase the speed of data collection in the user organization.

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