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PeopleTools ATT – Application Software

PeopleTools ATT – Application Software

PeopleTools AT (AT = Assessment Technologies Tools) is an application/module in Oracle’s PeopleSoft HRMS- Human Resources Management System that deals with recruitment and selection. For example, it can help with candidate evaluation performance reviews or offer employee privileges, access, and requests. It can also integrate with outside systems, including Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), to consolidate the people’s recruitment process. IAC is used widely in large enterprises to address the challenges likely to arise when recruiting employees and improve employee relations.

Here are some key points about PeopleTools ATT:

Purpose and Functionality

  • It works as a connection between PeopleSoft applications and external systems for data exchange.
  • Facilitates computing of PeopleSoft with other applications and external databases to this system.

Key Features

  • Tackles Flat files, XML, Relational databases, and various other formats.
  • Offers utilities for field mappings, conversions, and validation
  • Integrates scheduling function, which enables data transfer in a programmed format.


  • Reduce the time it takes for departments to exchange information and effectively manage their resources.
  • Improves data consistency through validation features intrinsic to the database.
  • This saves time and manual effort when consolidating data integration tasks.

Use Cases

  • Using PeopleSoft interfaces to extract and convert data from other systems for use in PeopleSoft applications
  • They are producing and sending reports and other data from PeopleSoft into other systems for management and depiction.
  • PeopleSoft integration with other enterprise applications typically involves ensuring the data on the two applications are correct simultaneously.

Technical Aspects

  • Uses the Integration Broker of PeopleSoft for effective and efficient data transfer from one module to another.
  • It can handle real-time and batch data processing to generate accurate market insights.
  • It enables one to provide script-specific solutions to manipulate the complexities of transformations.

PeopleTools ATT is a mandatory area with PeopleSoft if an organization is heavily interfacing with other applications or general databases to enable data transfer across the enterprise.

More Information about PeopleTools ATT:

Version History:

The proposed concept of ATT has changed greatly since initiation to the current form we see today. As with most PeopleTools updates, ATT boasts that the newest version is being optimized and improved.

Performance Optimization:

Recent versions have been designed to reduce the time for data transfer, mainly when data is quite large. This includes issues such as off-the-shelf memory management or parallel processing settings.

Cloud Integration:

As a result of advancements in the technological field, a new version of ATT has been integrated with cloud computing platforms.

Security Features:

The same can be said about security measures employed by ATT, such as data encryption when data is transferred and the integration of PeopleSoft’s security architecture.

Graphical Interface:

It has an excellent Drag & Drop graphical design and management of data transfers and does not require IT knowledge.

Audit Trail:

Logging and audit trail for troubleshooting and compliance support: The management of ATT has the advantage of complete logging and the audit trail as the necessary number of facilities for troubleshooting and compliance.

Mobile Support:

As part of PeopleTools, ATT has been fine-tuned for use in transfers inviting mobile applications and devices.

Industry-Specific Templates:

Oracle offers solutions with pre-designed and proven ATT work samples within several industries, such as healthcare, finance, education, etc.

Community and Support:

There is a solid following and development support for PeopleSoft, and developers have shared information regarding ATT and the subroutines and possible workarounds of complex situations.

Integration with PeopleSoft Test Framework: Integration with PeopleSoft Test Framework:

It has a bit cumbersome and complex scripting capabilities and can be used with the PeopleSoft Test Framework for automated testing of data integration processes.

This extra knowledge emphasizes PeopleTools ATT, which, as a unique tool, constantly evolves and adapts in the PeopleSoft environment.

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