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Technology and its Impact on Travelling

Technology and its Impact on Travelling

Most times in life, people think that gadgets cheapen the travelling experience, which varies from individual to individual. On most occasions, this saying is valid by the fact that travellers are most at times glued to their cellphones, laptops, and other gadgets showing the antisocial characters they portray. There are a lot of articles on the best essay service regarding the impact of technology on travel.

Have you ever asked yourself if life at home is being interrupted by technology? Does technology deny us the opportunity to make friends wherever we go?


With travellers now facing their phones most times, does this show that the good old days of booking a Clearwater party bus and travelling with excitement and having those unexpected scenes during travels all hurried away by the invention of technology?

Everybody loves technology, but there are issues about technology that, if I don’t address now, the world will wither away in the so-called technology.

When you go to any social gathering like university halls, it will take you back to see a social group of students discussing, chattering about specific topics, or even reading books and playing cards. Still, all you see is people in isolation with their cellphones glue to their faces with blue logos shining from their phones “Facebook” or “twitter,” and all you get to realize is statuses and galleries are showing all their friends how they are having a wonderful day.

I always thought to me that if I don’t make a friend in a day, I am a failure, it’s not too late to let that happen in our world today, but that mostly happens if the Wi-Fi goes down.

Travelling 2

When travelling, I miss chitty chatting with another traveller without interrupting their Instagram, Twitter, or snap chat moment.

When we get back home or outside, it worsens because most times, we have cellular data. If we don’t, we look for Wi-Fi networks to update our statuses, watch TV shows, series, and many other activities, and all we care about is how much battery life is my cellphone left with rather than caring about the people and places around us.

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We most, at times, see that the whole world is in our palms or pockets. We even get too self-satisfy that a blue or red dot show exactly where you are, and that kills all the fun we have during the moments when we travel and got lost. That was amazing and mysterious. Above all, it was also terrifying and eye-opening, but all that fun is gone and lost with technology.

I believe with all the information as mentioned above, technology and travel don’t mix, do they?

Don’t you think it would rather be a good idea to hit the road with a guide book instead of smartphones and tablets?

There is a moment when I travel without technology, and it was all but a story to tell. I wouldn’t need to go back to those moments, let alone separation from my family at one point in time, yet with technology, a Facebook or WhatsApp message would have saved the situation.

Travelling 3


At the end of the crossroads, we all have to use technology, our smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets when we are travelling. Still, when we are finishing with the important stuff, we have to switch them off or put them aside and mingle with the people travelling with us to learn a lot from each other.


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