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VPN Travel Guide to Dubai in 2022

VPN Travel Guide to Dubai in 2022

Are you planning a trip to Dubai? It is crucial to choose the best VPN. UAE is one of those countries that have strict restrictions on the usage of the internet. Moreover, there are certain websites and content that you are banned from using.

Since the internet is censored in the UAE, you may be blocked from accessing specific content. In times like this, it is advisable to choose a UAE proxy server that allows you to browse your choice’s content freely.

The United Arab Emirates had decided to censor the internet to prevent the increasing internet crimes. This has, however, brought down the freedom to express oneself online.

Reasons For Internet Censorship in Dubai

The judicial department of Dubai is very particular about the ones who follow Sharia law. Since Sharia Law is implemented in the UAE, there are certain activities banned too. According to Sharia Law, one should not indulge in gambling, alcohol, or pre-marital sex.

While the internet is allowed for business purposes, certain activities are banned. To prevent the practices mentioned above from happening, the internet is censored in Dubai. As per the censorship policies, criminal activities and terrorist activities are significantly banned.

Moreover, internet censorship also plays a vital role in preventing viral offensive internet content. The law in Dubai is very particular about religious practices. Therefore, they prevent activities such as Skype or spreading any religiously offensive content.

According to the law, the internet ban will help build a bright future for the country. Accordingly, it will help to promote national security, public morality, and order.

What Contents Are Blocked?

The internet censorship in Dubai has led to several types of content and services being banned. VoIP is one of the primary services that is banned in Dubai. Some of the main contents that are blocked in Dubai include the following:

Dating Website

All the dating websites in Dubai are blocked. Nonetheless, matrimonial websites are allowed to function.

Religiously Critic Content

Any content that criticizes religious activities is blocked in the UAE. The law here is very particular about religion, and any offensive activity can lead to severe punishment.


No one is allowed to get into betting. According to Sharia law, betting is seen as an illegal activity. Hence, all gambling websites and apps are banned in the UAE. According to the regulations by TRA, none of the ISPs are allowed to promote this.

Porn websites

Porn is seen as a demeaning activity. Practicing and publishing porn content in the UAE is a criminal activity. None of the individuals are allowed to get into it. Any websites publishing porn content will be severely punished.

LGBT content

According to the Sharia Law and Federal penal code of the UAE, any sexual relationship apart from heterosexual relationships is a crime. Moreover, heterosexual relationships are the ones permitted after marriage. There are chat monitoring rooms that monitor the blogs, messages to prevent any sexual activity.

VoIP services

Almost all the VoIP services are blocked in Dubai. Any business that uses Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, or FaceTime needs to register with the ISP. However, it is advisable to be careful because these ISPs can easily share the data with the government.

Is VPN Illegal?

While VPN isn’t utterly illegal in Dubai, it is advisable to use the best VPN in UAE. Corporate institutions and businesses are free to use VPNs only for office purposes.

Nonetheless, it is essential to determine that the businesses are careful with the use of VPN. Data security is critical for companies. Hence, it is advisable to use only the best VPN server.

Although VPN is not illegal, it is necessary to monitor your activities. If you’re using a VPN for unlawful activities and are discovered, you may eventually land in serious trouble.

Promoting any harmful online behavior is strictly prohibited, even by the use of a VPN. It is crucial to follow the computer network protocols. Anyone using these VPNs for illegal activities shall be strictly punished. Not only will it increase the risk of imprisonment, but it will also lead to a fine.

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Travel Checklist For The UAE

Before you set out on your trip to the UAE, it is necessary to plan your trip accordingly. This will play an essential role in protecting you against any criminal activities while playing on your phone or laptop.

Use The Best VPN

Since there is internet censorship, it is advisable to use only the best VPN. It would help if you used a VPN that allows the global servers to function effectively.

Determine How You Want To Connect With Relatives

If you want to stay connected with your loved ones, you need to choose a platform through which you want to connect with your loved ones.

Never Use Public WiFi For VPN

None of the public Wifis is secure. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using VPN when connected to these networks. This is mainly because the system is the most vulnerable to being hacked.

Final Thoughts

It is necessary to encrypt the data safely accordingly. Using a VPN may be beneficial, but it is advisable to choose only the best ones. It would help if you chose a server that will allow you a safe and secure connection to protect your online activities.

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