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How to Properly Clean Your Moissanite Diamond Ring?

How to Properly Clean Your Moissanite Diamond Ring?

Diamonds are expensive, but all thanks to the inventor of Moissanite, a mineral which looks exactly like a glittering piece of diamond. As Moissanite and diamonds look incredibly similar, they are used a lot in modern jewelry-making, and the results are undoubtedly beautiful. A naturally-occurring mineral, Moissanite is recognized as a precious stone often nicknamed the space or stardust diamond.

Your moissanite ring looks certainly fascinating but have you ever wondered who invented this precious mineral in the first place? It was Henri Moissan, the French Pharmacist and Chemist, who invented the unique mineral that is named after him. Since the discovery of Moissanites, this dazzling white gemstone has been admired for its radiance and its similarity with diamonds. But the fact is, it is rarer than diamonds, and that is why they are grown in labs to keep the supply smooth and have a less environmental impact.

If you own a beautiful Moissanite diamond ring, you own the rarest gemstone that is as enticing as any other. If it is your wedding ring, you must have been wearing it for years, and the sparkle is perhaps no more the same. However, the best part about moissanite jewelry is that it can be cleaned, and its dazzling look can be restored even after years of use. And the best part is you can clean it without any professional help.

Is There A Need To Get Your Ring Cleaned By A Professional?

Most people rush to professionals to pay high charges for cleaning their jewelleries made of precious metals. Undoubtedly, professionals know the best way to clean such pieces of jewelry, which chemicals are appropriate for the cleaning process, and have all the necessary equipment. But the major problem is the high charges you must pay in return. The results of professional cleaning are temporary, and there are better options than paying high bills from time to time. So, it is not mandatory to seek a professional’s service when you can try cleaning them at home.

Can You Clean Your Moissanite Diamond?

If you own a moissanite diamond ring or any moissanite jewelry, it is possible to clean them from time to time at home. You can rely on online videos or visit top-rated blogs to get ideas about cleaning. These videos and articles can help you clean moissanite jewelry in the comfort of your home.

Sometimes, you may have to take the help of jewelry-cleaning chemicals readily available in the market, or if the dirt build-up is not that deep, a thing as simple as soap water should be enough.

How To Clean?

There are many ways to clean moissanite diamond jewelry at home, and the results are surprising. With some basic ingredients available in the kitchen, you can retrieve the glaze of your precious ring, and here are some of the most effective ways to include in your cleaning process:

Soap Water

Usually, soap water is the readily-available remedy for cleaning almost everything at your home, whether it is a dirty showpiece, glass panes, or your favorite ring. The most effective way to clean dirt from your precious moissanite diamond ring is to use a gentle brush, perhaps a tiny toothbrush, and clean the dirt build-up. Remember to soak the rings for a few hours before cleaning them.

If you are considering soaking your ring in the soap water for hours, make sure the water is lukewarm and the soap used is mild, free of harsh chemicals that can react with the precious stone and disrupt its quality. Instead of a brush, you can also use a soft cloth to clean the dirt and pat it dry.

Baking Soda

Sometimes, the dirt build-up on the jewelry is so deep that soap water is not enough. The best remedy is to add baking soda to lukewarm water and soak the ring for approximately two hours. And then, clean the dirt off with the help of a mini toothbrush or use a cloth.

Before soaking your rings in hot water:

  1. Remember to whisk the solution and wait until you see bubbles.
  2. For the best results, mix two teaspoons of vinegar in the solution for a more enhanced clean-up.
  3. After cleaning the dirt, wash the jewelry pieces with cold water and pat them dry.

One thing to avoid while cleaning your moissanite diamond rings in baking soda; you should not scrub your rings to bring back the sparkle because it will leave behind permanent scratches. Always remember to be gentle while scrubbing and rubbing.


If home remedies do not work fine for you, then there is a chemical that is safe to use in moissanite diamond, which is ammonia. While using chemicals for cleaning your jewelry, you have to be sure about the proportions to use. Such as, the solution should contain two parts of water and one part of ammonia. It is not suggested to dip your jewelry in this solution for long, for it may degrade the quality of the gemstone.

If you are reluctant to use raw ammonia for cleaning, you always have the option of switching to jewelry cleaners containing ammonia readily available in supermarkets near you. They are 100% safe to be used on diamond jewelry.

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One of the most unusual yet very effective ways of jewelry cleaning is using ketchup to clean all those years of dirt build-up on rings, chains, and necklaces. Since ketchup contains vinegar, they are very effective in cleaning jewelry. All you have to do is dip and soak them in a small bowl with 2 to 3 spoons of ketchup, let it react for hours, and then clean them with tissues or clothes and finally rinse them off with cold water.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your favorite moissanite diamond jewelry can be fun when the remedies are readily available in your kitchen. Instead of seeking a professional’s costly service from time to time, you can enjoy cleaning your favorite jewelry pieces in the comfort of your home and watch the amazing transformation. The results will be surprising and something to feel proud of.




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