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A Guide for Deciding the Best Cloud for SAP Implementation

A Guide for Deciding the Best Cloud for SAP Implementation

When anyone talks about Cloud For SAP computing, then the first thought that comes to your mind must be cloud solutions like Google Drive, but you should know that cloud computing is much more than just uploading your data on the cloud and then working with another person on the same sheet in real-time. The world of the cloud widened lot most of the people out there using cloud solutions comparable QuickBooks hosting or QuickBooks cloud hosting. If you have never used a cloud computing solution, then there are maximum chances that you don’t know how you are using it in your daily life as even uploading a photo on Facebook makes you a part of the cloud race.

The people out there who are also working on Cloud for SAP engagement for different kinds of enterprises from years. The several people out there who must not be aware of the Cloud for SAP implementation, and they should know that SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in the data processing. There is not one denial in the fact that SAP has continued to develop both application features and content all these years and this is one of the main reasons why hosting of Cloud For SAP fell in the same classical selection process as with any other application.

Cloud for SAP

But one of the biggest obstacles types of service or implementation is that the rise of public cloud or what is more popularly known as Infrastructure as a Service and all those tried and tested criteria are longer giving customers an accurate and valued evaluation of options out there. In this blog post, we have derived up with some of the critical measures that all the SAP customers need to include while evaluating any hosting service.

If a customer considers all the points mentioned in this blog post, then they will be able to choose a better option, and the chances of working with a wrong provider will decrease by many folds.


There is no denial in the detail that cost will always come first in all the scenarios because nothing can happen in an enterprise if it does not have a good business case. But you should know that negotiating cost at the first site may look deceiving. Many factors can deviate you from the actual pricing you are signing up for like enterprise-level agreement, short term discounts, and even migration funding. If you are serious about understanding the future cost, then you will need to make sure that you have a better thought of the hyper-scale attitude towards the price and then analyze the overall pricing history.

In addition to this, you will get the metered charging when you go with hyper-scale Infrastructure. You should know that in this type of charging, you only pay for what you are resulting in the variable cost, and this is why it is so efficient. But at the same stage, this can also become a headache for you when it will come down to procurement and fulfil new IT requirements in your firm.


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Indeed, all the firms and IT professionals out there will always expect the public cloud they are using to be more resilient than all the on-premise cloud options out there, and this is undoubtedly true. Still, one important thing to note down here is all the cloud options out there are not equal, especially when it comes down to the specific type of applications like SAP. You will need to go through the total amount of downtime. Every hyper-scale has gone through over the older one year to compare the different options in a well-precise manner. There is no denial in the detail that SLA is essential but at the same time, historical performance can prove to be a much better tool for analysis.

All the publically published stats on the downtime of the hyper-scale shows that AWS is a much better option than Azure, and it is also similar or somewhat better than Google cloud services. You should know that the SAP is very sensitive to downtime and especially when it comes down to unplanned downtimes. It is why you will want to type sure that you are choosing the most stable platform out there without any second thoughts.

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Speed of Innovation

It is one of the most important reasons why both innovation and the speed of innovation wants to be one of the best essential parts of your IT road map in the upcoming ten years. If you look at the current market, then you will realize that AWS is currently the lead. hen it arises to innovation and pushing new ideas in the market.


But while analyzing a hosting provider based on the need for innovation, you will also need to consider the technology adoption cycle. There is no denial in the fact currently, AWS is already one or two years ahead of its competitors. Still, you will also need to analyze the same cloud hosting provider based on their technology adoption cycle as well.

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If you use the points mentioned above, you will be able to choose a much better cloud hosting provider Cloud for SAP implementation. Thus you will be able to simplify your approach for the cloud without any hassle and any obstacles.



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