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5 Reasons Why Your Start-up Needs React Developers

5 Reasons Why Your Start-up Needs React Developers

Although the world of startups is booming, 90% of them are headed for failure – even in 2022. One of the main reasons behind this is a lack of long-term planning and management of resources.

When you’re sorting out your company’s online presence, it can be tempting to go overboard. After all, most of your business is expected to come from your online presence. But, instead of spending a fortune hiring separate developers for Android and iOS apps, you can turn to React.

React runs on JavaScript, and provides a hybrid solution. Which means you don’t have to invest separately in your online presence on different platforms.

The Reintech company can help you get started with React developers in the shortest possible time. A list of potential developers can be provided within 48 hours or less.

But, that is only one of the aspects that can be taken care of. In this article, we will discuss the top reasons why start-up should seriously consider hiring React developers.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Start-up Should Hire React Developers

1. Speedy App Development

Integrating new aspects in apps is very easy with React’s ability to optimise reusable components. This makes it much faster to develop apps that can be used across multiple platforms.

The addition of the React Native framework can provide a further boost in speed. It will allow you to see your developing apps in real time. Not only does it take less time to develop, but it will not compromise on quality either.

2. Better Application Stability in the Long Run

As a start-up, it is more likely that you have a limited budget to work with. As a result, you would want your investment to be future-proof atleast to a certain degree. By using React for development, you have a very good chance of achieving this. React can be updated from time to time, with new features.

The library can carry out long-lasting features for mobile and web applications. And most importantly – it is backed by Facebook, which means there is little chance of it being obsolete anytime soon.

3. Ease of Testing Apps

After the development process is completed, the apps will need to be tested from time to time. Ideally, you would want it to be a smooth process. And with React, testing apps is a very streamlined process, which can be carried out in only a few clicks.

There are several frameworks on the market which can provide detailed insights on the app. ECMAScript 6 segment, Reacts-di and Babel are some of the tools that can help with the process.

4. Access to a Rich User Interface

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of React is its ability to deliver an amazing user interface through declarative components. The way your web or mobile application looks can speak volumes about your brand.

An easy and intuitive interface can help boost your app’s usability. And as a result, you can expect an increase in its popularity and customer satisfaction. You can also have custom components integrated into your app as needed. This way, a React developer can build you an app that is truly unique and fulfills your every need.

5. Reduced Overall Expenses

The amount of money you spent on the application is a big factor that you need to keep in mind. And by using React as the parent library, you are cutting down on a lot of expenses. Not only is the initial cost reduced, but you also have a minimised cost of upkeep.

By facilitating boilerplates and code reusing, your React apps take less time, effort and investment to build. This way, you are able to invest in other areas of your business to help it grow.

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Closing Note – React Developers For Your Start-up

Right from the beginning, it is vital that your app looks good, is easy to use, and is bug-free. Based on the benefits we discussed today, it’s easy to see how React developers can help maximize your start-up’s potential.

Reintech helps companies hire the best React developers on the market with the least amount of effort and time. So, if you’re ready to get started, it’ll take only between 30-60 days for developers to start working on your project.

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