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B2Core Presents Next-Level CRM Interface for Upgraded User Experience

B2Core Presents Next-Level CRM Interface for Upgraded User Experience

In today’s digital landscape, the forefront of platforms, such as B2Core – a comprehensive CRM and back-office software suite tailored for financial enterprises – holds paramount importance. This is where individuals engage with the suite’s services and functionalities. In this regard, B2Core introduces a groundbreaking upgrade to its front end, delivering an intuitive and streamlined user experience.

The launch of B2Core version 4 marks a significant milestone, presenting a wholly revamped front-end, user interface (UI), trading capabilities, wallet management, and various other features. Let’s delve into the details of these enhancements.

Modernised Dashboard UI

The B2Core Dashboard underwent a refinement in its UI, becoming a more personalised command centre tailored for individual users. B2Core v4 introduced a new left bar, empowering users with enhanced control over the configuration of their dashboard layout.

This includes incorporating widgets that offer convenient access links, showcasing trading account details, presenting relevant banners, and adjusting to diverse layout preferences.

This transformation renders the Dashboard a dynamic and interactive zone, providing an ideal space for users to monitor their financial activities and effortlessly use the platform.

B2Core Presents Next-Level

Component-Based Architecture

In version 4, B2Core also introduced a component-based front-end architecture. This strategic change streamlines the development process by consolidating a library of interface components.

These components serve as standardised building blocks for the user interface, each having undergone independent testing and verification.

Incorporating this architecture enables a more efficient development cycle, allowing quicker updates and improvements to the interface while maintaining a high-quality standard. The reuse of these components reduces the necessity for frequent code rechecks.

For users of B2Core CRM, this translates to a platform that is more streamlined, reliable, and capable of adapting and evolving with increased efficiency.

CRM Interface for Upgraded User Experience

Wallet Administration & Funds Management

Regarding funds management, a transformative update has been implemented in the latest version of B2Core. A new right bar, easily activated with a simple click on a wallet, has been introduced in the Wallet section. This innovation revolutionises how users access various transaction types and review recent activities.

The Transaction Operations Module has undergone significant enhancements, encompassing a comprehensive set of functionalities. This includes deposit, withdrawal, internal withdrawal (accessible within the withdraw page), transfer, and exchange options.

Additionally, the Transactions History section has been strategically reorganised. Users can now expand each transaction row to access detailed information and categorise transactions under distinct tabs, facilitating easy navigation.

B2Core Presents

Innovative Trading

The upcoming B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP), set to be launched soon, introduces an advanced and user-friendly trading experience seamlessly integrated into B2Core.

The enriched offerings within B2Core are further bolstered by the inclusion of B2BinPay, a premier product designed for secure and efficient transaction processing. Complementing this, B2Broker’s liquidity solutions provide extensive support, offering a range of over 1000 instruments. These solutions cover everything from platform setup to comprehensive risk management.

This all-encompassing ecosystem is designed to provide top-tier services and convenience to clients at every stage, elevating the user experience to new heights.

Upgraded User Experience

Unified Profile Management

The Profile management feature in B2Core v4 has undergone significant enhancements. Now positioned in the header for swift access, it seamlessly integrates user settings, a robust security module, and streamlined verification processes. The upgraded Presets page, dedicated to saving withdrawal details, has been redesigned to facilitate easier use.

In addition to these improvements, both the sign-in and sign-up processes have been refined, specifically emphasising enhanced security measures and user-friendliness. These changes contribute to a smoother and more intuitive entry into the platform, ensuring an improved overall user experience.

Interface for Upgraded User Experience

What Else to Expect from B2Core v4?

In addition to the fundamental changes, B2Core v4 introduces a variety of supplementary updates aimed at further enhancing user experience and operational efficiency:

  • Empowering Introducing Brokers (IBs): The IB Dashboard and Reports feature receives an upgrade with enhanced filtering capabilities, dedicated Banners, and Promo sections. These improvements provide better operational control and deeper insights for Introducing Brokers.
  • Enhanced Helpdesk: The Helpdesk functionality undergoes enhancements, including improved chat features, a visual representation of support schedules, and an updated user interface for managing support tickets. These upgrades contribute to a more intuitive and efficient user support experience.
  • Smoother Mobile Integration and User Onboarding: B2Core v4 introduces a special QR code in the mobile app, facilitating a seamless transition between desktop and mobile platforms. Additionally, an Onboarding feature on each page assists users in quickly adapting to new functionalities, enhancing the overall onboarding process.
  • Refined Bonus Management: The Bonuses page is now divided into distinct sections for bonus programs and active subscriptions, with added filtering options. This progressive approach provides users with more clarity and control over bonus management.
  • Interface Flexibility: B2Core v4 offers users the option to switch between the new and old interfaces through a unique UI setting. This customisation feature allows users to tailor their interface experience to their preferences.

Final Remarks

B2Core v4 marks a significant milestone in enhancing user experience. Following the successful integration of cTrader into their iOS app, this update signifies a new era for the platform’s front end. The transformation goes beyond aesthetics, prioritising an intuitive, efficient, and dynamic interaction for their users.

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