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Cryptocurrency Market Cap Touches $3 Trillion For The First Time, And Bitcoin Touches All Time.

Cryptocurrency Market Cap Touches $3 Trillion For The First Time, And Bitcoin Touches All Time.

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, the leading digital coin, halts an all-time high of $69000 for the first time after moving mainstream and vanilla marketplace. The global cryptocurrency market cap now values $3 trillion for the first time. According to some rich sources, vanilla stock investors are moving towards the cryptocurrency market.

In a nutshell, the cryptocurrency arena is expanding at a very high pace. Cryptocurrency is now entering the conventional financial market, and everyone is jumping into it to avail profitable results.

Not only bitcoin but ethereum, a popular blockchain-based model, also did hit its all-time as it was trading at a value of $4788. There are many reasons why people are considering cryptocurrency for investing their resources rather than any other traditional financial instrument. No matter the market value of bitcoin and ethereum, crypto trading is always profitable.

Undeniably cryptocurrency trading is not that easy to start, but websites like is helping many traders to avail fruitful results in the trading journey. The fact might amaze you that Bitcoin IRA is helping people to plan their retirement with the help of just bitcoin. Here is about the cryptocurrency market touching a 3 trillion dollar market cap for the first time.

Cryptocurrency- A Hedge Against Inflation

Cryptocurrencies are free from government authorities. Undeniably, cryptocurrency regulation in different regions restricts the utility of these digital tokens. But no government authority can interfere in transactions involving cryptocurrencies. As a result, prominent cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have merely finite supply. On the other hand, we all know that fiat currencies like USD and INR have an unlimited supply, leading to inflation.

Since bitcoin and other robust cryptocurrencies have a finite supply, the possibility of inflation is very nominal. Furthermore, the inflation rate in bitcoin decreases every four years, as bitcoin halving, an event that declines the bitcoin mining reward, also declines the inflation rate.

Bitcoin miners cannot create bitcoins with more than 21 million limits; it is helping its market value reach way above its rival. Undeniably cryptocurrency trading as a general subject has displayed immense volatility with intensified price ups and down.

Bitcoin Alone Touched A $2.5 Trillion Market Cap.

Even after the summer cryptocurrency crackdown in china, bitcoin is turning into the most valuable virtual asset. Every cryptocurrency enthusiast knows that china cryptocurrency crackdown crashed the cryptocurrency market. It decreased the value of the top cryptocurrency by a massive amount.

Bitcoin reached a market value of $30000 after the cryptocurrency market crash. Although all these incidents bitcoin market cap has halted a milestone of $2.5 trillion in merely three months. Cryptocurrency experts have predicted a sharp pullback, and these experts are pretty confident about bitcoin touching the $100,000 mark by the end of 2021. Shivam chakra, The CEO of Buy Coin, stated that this is the biggest financial revolution, and this revolution will entirely change the financial segment and monetary transactions

The Reason Why The Cryptocurrency Market Touched A $3 Million Market Cap

As mentioned ahead, the mainstream investors are jumping on board to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. All the more, bitcoin’s rally at the instance is powered by the United States first appearance of an ETF connected with bitcoin. ETF, but Elon Musk’s tweets are also fueling the bitcoin rally.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors and space x foundation, recently stated that Facebook changing its name to Meta fuels the growth of altcoins. Facebook, now Metaverse, refers to a virtual world that will use cryptocurrency or virtual currency as the payment method. The Metaverse will include virtual offices, schools and other commercial places.

Each Metaverse will be based on an intelligent blockchain such as Binance intelligent chain, ethereum intelligent chain, Solana intelligent chain and Cardano Smart chain. Shiba and meme coins like dogecoin are correspondingly continuing to rise alongside other altcoins.

According to the coin market, is week’s biggest gainers week are Solar Energy, All BEST ICO, Shiba Floki Trillionaire. Undeniably the future of cryptocurrency is very uncertain as these currencies exist merely virtually. However, Metaverse will create a cryptocurrency ecosystem, where cryptocurrency will be highly significant.

El Salvador has already initiated to create the first-ever bitcoin city. The city will be tax-free. The president of El Salvador, NayabBukele, stated that we need more bitcoin cities to enhance the circulation of bitcoin globally.

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