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Five Tips To Set Up Your Shopify Store Effectively

Five Tips To Set Up Your Shopify Store Effectively

Shopify Store : It’s very exciting to launch a Shopify store for the first time. But if you do not know some secrets, you can spend more money than originally planned, and a lot of nerves. It’s an unforgivable mistake to pay too much attention to the little things and overlook the important details. We’re going to talk about how you can master the basics, make sure you’re doing the right thing. You will also find a lot of useful information here:

Five Tips To Set Up Your Shopify Store Effectively

Deciding Whether To Build a Shopify Store?

Now you can paint on product photos. A convenient way to use this function is to remove logos from photos. The presence of the logo in a photo with a white background requires the use of a brush of the same color to remove the logo.

But not in all photographs the logo is placed on a regular white background, sometimes it is located in the photo itself. But the palette of colors will solve this problem too.

ColorZilla is the easiest way to find out the color extension. When you hover over a color, you can find out the exact color code, you can use it in the future, place it in the “Color Picker” to remove logos.


There is no need to create prices manually, you can use a custom setting to automate the process. This can be done in Settings – General – Save Currency – Change Formatting.

Shopify’s Currency Storage Secrets

3. Add Your Policies to the Footer.

An important thing to keep in mind for new store owners is the addition of a policy. When browsing the site, some customers want to know the return information in order to make sure that they can return the money or exchange the product in the event of a malfunction. Policies help to improve the legitimacy of the site, to strengthen the client’s trust.

You do not need to create your own policies from scratch, you can take them in the admin panel and change them. But it’s important to follow the rules on your own website. Accepting refunds in their policies involves accepting refunds at the customer’s request.

In the Legal section of Settings, you can find policies.

3. Add Your Policies to the Footer.

4. It is Better to Update Your Inventory Every Month.

Importing products with just one click into Oberlo can lead to people typing dozens of products at a time. To get started, add no more than 25 positions on the first day. Focus on a small batch to achieve success. Add new positions regularly.

Would you like to inform Google about regular website updates. When you publish all the products at once, and in the future you will no longer add them, the search engine will see that you are getting traffic, but there is no need to crawl the site. When added regularly, scanners will know about it.

The more often and more you update the resource, the more activity Google sees, and accordingly there will be more organic traffic on the site.

Create a schedule for when you add new products. It’s good if you can add one line item every day, it’s not bad if you add 25 per month. Stick to the schedule for a long time to get organic search traffic.

5. Use Free Channels for Promotion in the Absence of Money for Promotion.

Many people who first opened an online store strive to start earning as soon as possible. Therefore, they use Facebook ads. But if there is no experience in this matter, at first nothing will work.

To increase profits, be careful with your cash costs. To avoid wasting too much, try to attract as much free traffic as possible. Promote vigorously, but don’t overdo it to achieve a natural visit, and search engines did not perceive the site as spam.

Use the power of Instagram to host your own products. If you have subscribers in this social network, share the links. If you don’t have an audience, go to niche fan pages and ask to share your sponsored story in your account.

If you’ve created blog content, share on Twitter. It’s interesting to run retargeting ads targeting blog content if people don’t know that a store is linked to the site.

Such a policy will allow you to avoid overspending on advertising at first, and to develop marketing skills for success in the future.

We offer professional Shopify setup services. This will save you nerves, effort, time and money.

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