Master All Your English Skills by Passing Exam Labs IELTS with Practice Tests

IELTS, International English Language Testing System, is a test designed to assess the ability of the non-native English speakers to use English. Let’s talk more about this exam and find out what it entails.

What does the IELTS test consist of?

Exam Labs IELTS assesses 4 English skills with various tasks and question types. You will have to answer all the questions in a variety of formats. Thus, the test contains, for example, short answer and multiple-choice questions. In addition, there are also some tasks where the candidates have to talk to a native English speaker. They will also need to write letters or essays in English.

At a glance, the Exam-Labs IELTS test consists of four sections that cover 2 hours and 45 minutes of the total time. They are the following:

1. IELTS Writing test

This area is 60 minutes long and comprises of two writing tasks. Both for the Academic Writing as well as General Training Writing versions, you need to demonstrate that you can provide a well-written description of about 150-250 words within 20 minutes.

2. IELTS Listening test

This section assesses your listening skills. The learners are required to demonstrate their abilities to understand recorded speech delivered by the native English speakers. The questions are formed in 4 subsections and should be answered within 30 minutes.

3. IELTS Reading test

Just like the previous section, the Reading test also contains 40 questions that assess your reading comprehension. The question formats include matching, multiple choice, short answer, sentence completion, diagram label completion, and summary/flow-chart/table/note completion. You will need to deal with them within 1 hour.

4. IELTS Speaking test

This part typically lasts about 11-14 minutes only and is broken into 3 sections. The focus here is on life skills. A personal conversation is assessed through interviews.

Please note that for the Reading and Writing sections, there will be two modules: Academic and General Training. The first one is perfect for those candidates who want to study at the undergraduate or postgraduate levels or for professional registration. The second one is usually taken by those individuals who want to migrate to any of the English-speaking countries. You will need to choose one of the modules to clear the sections.

After learning about the purpose and meaning of Exam-Labs IELTS and deciding whether it is the right test for you or not, the next step is to start your preparation. To know that you are ready to attempt this exam, evaluate yourself with ExamSnap practice tests. If not, you can also prepare with exam dumps. These will also help you learn how to answer questions. Both these prep tools can be the best way to learn the format and test-taking techniques.

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Who is the IELTS test for?

Exam Labs IELTS is often used for the purposes of employment, study, and immigration in the English-speaking world. It is usually much more useful for acceptance into university or immigration than the other Cambridge English exams. In fact, the Cambridge tests, such as FCE, BULATS, and PET, are used almost solely for employment at the private companies and not for the formal granting of acceptance into degree programs, skilled migrant visas, and medical licenses.

The most common and best way to demonstrate one’s competency in English is to simply highlight their strengths as well as weaknesses on IELTS. In other words, by looking at your Exam Labs IELTS exam performance, it will be possible to tell what you are good and not-very-good at. This is because every language user usually has a unique combination of both strengths and weaknesses.


As you can see, Exam-Labs IELTS gives you a lot of opportunities if you deal with it with flying colours. So, if you are ready for all the advantages that await you, start this journey today!

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