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ReactJS: The Javascript Developer’s Guide

ReactJS: The Javascript Developer’s Guide

Wish to create truly interactive UIs for web applications? ReactJS allows just that but with much less coding in comparison to the functionality it offers.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is one of the most popular open-source JavaScript libraries that are used to build immersive and dynamic User Interfaces (UIs) on web pages or applications. ReactJS allows developers to build truly interactive UIs from encapsulated pieces of codes referred to as components. Working with ReactJS requires developers to work with two portions, firstly the components or the pieces with HTML code and then the HTML data structure responsible for rendering these components. ReactJS is extensively used as a base during the development of many web applications.

Why Use ReactJS?

ReactJS is simple and very easy to use, especially for JavaScript developers. ReactJS makes it easy for developers to create interactive web applications and dynamic UIs, unlike the limitations faced when using HTML. Also ReactJS is also built out of multiple components that can be reutilized in the future. Each component is allotted its own control and logic. All of this makes maintenance and upgrades much more effective or user-friendly using ReactJS. ReactJS supports a variety of toolkits to make the world of React developers easier, enabling the ability to target and analyse components to alter their State or Props.

ReactJS is also very versatile and allows the development of new features without the need to rewrite code. It is capable of rendering on the server-side or backend with the help of Node, in turn powering mobile applications with the assistance of React Native. And ReactJS also improves the performance due to its existing entirely inside Memory or virtually. React components are not directly written in DOM, instead are written into a virtual DOM, thus enabling faster execution.

How Do You Become a ReactJS Developer?

Developers have different goals and accordingly can choose their approach; however, the basics remain the same. The fundamental and most common difference is established when one wishes to be a full-fledged programmer working in the backend and the client-side both, or when one just wishes to use ReactJS as a frontend programmer. ReactJS has the ability to enhance the programming experience for both frontend and backend developers. If one wishes to be a React developer, then he/she has to definitely follow these steps to be able to utilise the power of ReactJS effectively. 

  • Start with the Fundamentals

Budding web developers must start at the foundations and begin learning HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Learning HTML allows to prove a structure to web pages and CSS promotes styling it to make it look great. JavaScript allows developers to then make the web pages or web applications interactive and immersive. ReactJS is based on JavaScript, and hence it is very important to learn JavaScript as well as possible.

  • Learn HTTP or HTTPS Protocol

Future developers should get acquainted with the HTTP(S) protocol as it allows the complete coverage of all the elements inside the web page and how it responds when communicating with requests. Developers must know the basic request methods such as the POST, DELETE, GET, PUT, and OPTIONS method.

  • Understand Design Patterns

Design patterns are solutions to developmental problems which have already been tested previously through trials. When running on limited time, development can be sped up with effective use of Design patterns. 

  • Start Using Terminal or Linux

It can be a great addition when preparing to be a full-stack developer; however, it is not compulsory for front-end developers to learn the terminal. Developers can try configuring the bash or shell and start getting comfortable with using the terminal environment.

  • Understand Data Structures, Models, and Algorithms

This is also an additional set of knowledge that can empower developers to program advanced applications and full-fledged programs. Learn these arms programmers with the ability to use a variety of tools and functions to enable more complex projections and software.

  • Start Learning ReactJS

Once ready, developers can now start learning ReactJS. With the fundamentals clear and the foundations covered, one is now ready to become a React developer. The best place to learn is from the official website of React, maintained by Facebook.  

Now, this is the main deal. You have to learn React and understand it well to become a React developer. The best place to learn React is the official website, but as a beginner, it can be a little bit overwhelming for you.

How to Enhance the Developing Experience in ReactJS?

In order to become a fully armed React developer, one must also take a few extra measures and steps to ensure that he or she acquires the ultimate control of ReactJS and is fully capable of using it to build immersive fully functional UI, applications or web environments. Here are the few extra steps involved in the road to becoming a fully equipped React Developer.

  • Learning how to use toolkits and Build tools such as Webpack or npm effectively.
  • Learning Styling is a must for developers focusing on the front end. Bootstrap is a great CSS framework to learn which very commonly used.
  • Learning state management with Redux.
  • Learning TypeScript or other extensions such as Flow to type-check the entire package. TypeScript allows easy discovery of glitches and bugs.
  • Understanding Routing and how to use React Router to work upon components.
  • Learning how to make APIs in order to achieve the ability to integrate with other applications.
  • Learning how to use utility libraries and understanding multiple learning allow developers to work faster and more effectively.
  • and Learning testing methods such as integration testing and unit testing to eliminate bugs and room for errors.

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Key Takeaways

ReactJS is declarative, component-based and versatile, allowing developers to painlessly create highly immersive UIs and applications. Using ReactJS to build interactive applications and pages becomes even easier when one has covered all the fundamentals in steps. ReactJS a great choice as it allows React developers the freedom of building categorised components that are capable of managing their own state. If one follows the necessary steps to become a React developer, then he or she opens up whole new possibilities with less coding and better interactiveness.

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