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10 Best Casio Watch for Your Personal and Fashion Statement

10 Best Casio Watch for Your Personal and Fashion Statement

Fashion is how people express themselves. Over the years, everyone has their fashion statement, and as time goes by, it is developing. The clothes, the jewelry, and most especially the watch are some of many representations of people’s style. It became part of everyone’s personal life.

Your watch plays an important role in your life, especially during work or outdoor activities. It helps you to know the time for you to manage your schedule. The invention of the watch gives convenience to everybody. 

The reason is that you do not have to go home or bring a clock just for you to view the time because you can bring and view the time whenever you want and wherever you are by wearing a watch. Nowadays, the watch is one thing that people cannot go out without wearing. Regardless of age, nationality, religion, status, and gender, the watch became part of people’s life. Aside from that, it also becomes part of people’s style or also known as a fashion statement. 

A Brief History of the Brand

There are lots of watches around the world, and one of the best is the famous Casio. In 1946 in Shibuya, Tokyo Japan, the company behind the Casio produced digital box-shaped watches. It was established by Tadao Kashio. As time went by, the company created high-level wristwatches for the people. You still see that retro digital Casio watches are being sold by the Brand as people look into the legacy that those have brought to history. When talking about top watch brands, Casio will always be on the list.

The Casio G-Shock watch was first released in 1983. It became one of the most affordable watches of all time during the 80s. People started buying Casio watches because aside from having affordable prices, the quality was worth it. However, during that time, the wristwatch was not yet part of people’s fashion statement. It was only discovered to use in fashion after years of wearing and matching with different outfits.

Since many love these affordable and assured quality products of Casio, the company keeps on growing. Today, Casio has various products and is considered one of the most well-known names around the world.

A Timeless Brand For Everyone

Now, how can Casio be part of your fashion statement? Well, Casio is timeless and never goes out of trend. The quality and quantity of the Casio are remarkable. People in the fashion industry love it because there are Casio products that are resistant to scratches and water. Everybody knows that an accident can happen. You can accidentally scratch your watch or pour water into it. That can be the reason for its defect.

Casio has various designs for men and women. These designs will help you brighten up your outfit. You can choose what color you want suits your outfit of the day. The different models and styles are also perfect to suit your personality. Here are ten timepieces that you can check out!

1. A168WA-1

This model is a business watch model. It has a body and wristband made of stainless steel. They made the top part of this watch from mineral crystals. This is also adjustable and durable. One of the best qualities of this watch is that the model is water-resistant until 100 feet. It also has a backlight, stopwatch, alarm, and calendar. 

2. GA-800-1A

It is the only mid-size model with a third analog hand and front-facing light button. This model has a button for a stopwatch with time and date. Aside from that, this is also recommended for sports activities. 

3. Rose Gold Small

This style is appropriate for women. It has clean lines and a perfect case, which makes it perfect for fashion. Aside from that, the weight is less than 50 grams, and that makes it hassle-free.

4. Master G Digital Solar Watch

This is one of the best models because of its many uses and convenience. The model gives you the features of time, barometer, date, compass, and altimeter. It also can tell the time of sunrise and sunset. 

  1. GBD-H1000

The features of this model of Casio watches are the best because they are very advanced and helpful. It has buttons that give a compass, barometer, altimeter, GPS, map, training data analysis, and many more. There are two ways to charge this model, it can be solar charging or USB charging.

5. Pro-Trek EF305-1AV

This model is known to be affordable yet fashionable. The design is simple, but it looks classy and beautiful. It has a multi-dial display on its screen to present the three different time zones. It is appropriate for casual or day-to-day events.

6. AE1300WH-8AVCF

It is an affordable yet good-quality Casio watch. This model watch is water-resistant up to 330 feet. Aside from that, this has an optional analog display because of its World Time Map feature. The battery of this model is solar and can last for ten years.

7. A700WEG-9AEF

This model is friendly in terms of fashion. Nowadays, in modern times, this model is perfect for the trends. Aside from time, it also has an alarm, calendar, and chronograph. Purchasing this watch is an excellent choice for its gold classy simple style.

8. GA-700-1B

This model has a five years battery life. One of the longest battery life for the non-solar watch. An affordable analog-digital watch with font facing LED button. It is also one of the most popular and best-seller models of Casio. This was first introduced in 2016, together with its different useful features. 

9. PAG240-1CR

This model is expensive, but its features are worth the price. It is water-resistant for up to 100 meters. Aside from that, the watch has a barometer, altimeter, auto-calendar, and 31 different time zones for you. The battery life can last six months before you recharge it.

In A Nutshell

Some people say that it is incomplete to go out without a watch. Well, a wristwatch can give ease and additional beauty that can attract people. That is why many people in different industries such as business, government, media, education and many more professionals are wearing a watch most of their time. And when you’re looking for one of the best reliable timepiece brands, you can count on Casio for any occasion!

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