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What is the iPhone 12 Pro Max Price in Pakistan?

What is the iPhone 12 Pro Max Price in Pakistan?

Each iPhone series brings about something new for the users, The iPhone 12 series has also been very successful across the country. The iPhone 12 Pro Max price in Pakistan is steep and comes up to Rs. 2, 35,999, which as we all know puts this phone as one of the leaders in the luxury smartphone market. There are a few trustable apps such as the Savyour Cashback App that allows you to profit from these luxury purchase. They deliver an authentic mobile phone to your doorstep and also offer you a cashback deal. It is always better to check the app and make the purchase in order to save up no matter how high or low the price of the mobile you are choosing.

The iPhone Pro Max 12 is to date one of the most popular phones being purchased in the market. Let’s look at some of the features that it has to offer.

The Screen Resolution and Stylish Body

The new phone has a very stylish body and screen to offer. I own the deep blue color and find it absolutely amazing to look at, especially with the matte black finish on the back. It doesn’t get smudged easily which is a significant bonus as the phone is always in my hands. If it would’ve gotten dirty easily, then it would definitely have been a drawback. It has the iconic three cameras on the side that protrude out a little. And the biggest upgrade is that instead of their traditional round edges, this model has sharp edges. They have the 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display for sharper colors and vibrant screen use. The edges did feel a little comfortable while I watched my videos. There is a center-long notch that we have gotten used to. On one side the notch shows the settings while the other side has notifications. It is a firm phone but a phone case and screen protector are recommended for you to add.

Audio System

After testing it for a while, I can say that Apple has done a great job with this model. The audio system is impressive, and the sound when you hear it without headphones is decent. Also with the earbuds also, the voice is crisp and clear. If you watch lots of videos or listen to a lot of music, this is actually a really good phone. You will enjoy using it, I don’t have any complaints about this so far.

The Internal Process and Available Storage

This phone is actually very smooth and moves fast, which is due to the Apple’s flagship A14 Bionic chip. Though the iPhone only has 4GB RAM as reported by GSM Arena. You wouldn’t feel that the phone is having any issues with the processes or that it is glitching. You can easily use the phone to watch whatever you want, move between apps, and get work done. The phone doesn’t even heat up while you’re constantly working on it. I personally got the 256GB phone and liked how I can control which apps I want and the number of photos that I could save here.

The Software (iOS 14)

The entire mobile phone is run on its software. If it has any bugs or lags, the entire phone experience will suffer, I can gladly say, that is not the case with this mobile phone especially for the iPhone 12 Pro Max price in Pakistan, this phone actually works really well. The latest iOS 14 system is very easy to use and doesn’t lag or have any delays. The apps get downloaded pretty quickly and you can easily use your social media. It is stable software that doesn’t need to be refreshed, I have no complaints with the software. Especially in comparison to an Android, it works much faster. Though the camera automatically re-setting if turned off is kind of annoying. Plus, if there is ever any typo in the equation while using the calculator then I need to start over because I cannot remove just that one digit. These two things are what this software needs to work on. For the rest, everything is great so far.

The Camera

We all want the iPhone for it’s camera. Mainly, that was also my reason for making this purchase. Apart from the little hiccup mentioned, previously, the camera is actually really nice. You can easily take amazing pictures in the light and dark. I am someone who loves capturing moments and recording the smallest of events. The sharp colors and detailed images definitely make my day. I can save them all and when I look back at them, the memories look just as fresh as if they have happened just now. You also have various camera settings that allow you to adjust the zoom, brightness, modes, and all for the perfect click.


My overall experience with the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been a really nice one and I don’t regret my purchase. Yes, I would like to upgrade in the future, but I don’t mind keeping this one for a long time without needing to change it. The phone has all the features I require, and it is easy to use.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 12 Pro Max? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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