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Where to Find Affiliate Offers- Easy and Simple

Where to Find Affiliate Offers- Easy and Simple

Affiliate marketing is an effective strategy to monetize your site if you don’t sell anything. However, to receive exclusive promotions and access to new content, you need to find the best affiliate offers and programs.

Affiliate offers and programs include online courses, website builders, marketing, and business affiliates.

So, our expert affiliates have shortlisted some of the best affiliate offers and programs with the biggest earning potential so you can profit from your content.

Where to Find Affiliate Offers?


This platform aims to aid entrepreneurs and businesses in growing and expanding. HubSpot’s CRM platform allows millions of enterprises to manage a better and more effective customer experience through advocacy.

Moreover, as their affiliate, you can choose between a 15% recurring fee for a year or a 100% first-month revenue flat rate.

Plans start at $50 and go more than $3,000 each month. In many cases, customers frequently buy many products at once. So the payments might mount up.

Joining their affiliate program gives you access to different creative inventory, including banners, demo videos, and even text examples. You can also join their affiliate groups and take in more ideas regarding affiliate marketing.


Since 1998, over a million entrepreneurs and businesses have chosen AWeber. Use it for newsletters and drip marketing. AWeber affiliates can earn a lot of money in two ways:

Their internal program pays a lifetime of 30% commission. These plans normally pay out between $20 and $150 each month.

Alternatively, CJ Affiliate pays around $300 for each account. However, their cookie life is only for 45 days instead of a year.

If you are looking for some free alternatives, here are some high paying affiliate offers that get approved in no time.


ConvertKit, a newcomer in email marketing, helps companies expand the customer base through forms, landing pages, and drip campaigns.

Moreover, every paying client or webinar subscription introduced earns a lifetime 30% commission.

With options ranging from $29 each month to even $2,000+, the revenue potential is highly appealing, and joining the program is completely free.

Although, their program doesn’t give any special discounts or deals for the affiliate’s products.


You can promote Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, and Fiverr Learn on your blog or website. If you deal with your clients who need design, marketing, or IT talents, or if you run a business blog and want to promote it, then you should consider collaborating with Fiverr.

Affiliates can also use the site’s dashboard to administer and track creative materials and campaigns to market their services. And it’s also obvious that commissions will vary depending on the services.


For email marketing, subscription billing, form development, workflow automation,  email verification, and app integration, Pabbly is one of the best online platforms.

Pabbly Plus is also pretty popular with all the Pabbly applications. Their affiliate program offers:

  • You can advertise any or all of their items and earn around 30% commission in just 40 days.
  • They use a single cookie to track all product sales. So everything you recommend will earn you commissions on all sales made with your affiliate link. This saves you time and effort of separately referring each product to your customers.
  • A single Pabbly sale can get you a minimum of $183 commission.


Typeform provides surveys and conversational forms, including Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Contact Forms, and pays you a 20% commission on every referral.

You can even earn up to 20% of any referred customer’s Typeform subscription as long as it stays active.

You would even make up to $580 per month if you referred 100 consumers to your monthly basic plan.


Take-in knowledge, expand your following, and scale your business with Thinkific’s powerful all-in-one platform. The platform allows users to brand, membership sites, and online courses.

Your audience is a good fit for their affiliate programs if it includes:

  • Shareable content developers
  • Business leaders and entrepreneurs who desire to build courses for customers.
  • As an affiliate partner, you also get a 30% lifetime commission (recurring), ready-to-post promotional and creative content, and a 90-day cookie window.
  • Thinkific affiliates can even earn up to $1,700 each year.


This interactive content creator enables marketers to produce customized content like calculators, polls, and surveys.

Interactive content adds genuine value to its customers, improves conversions, and generates leads for remarketing and segmentation.

Outgrow affiliates can easily receive 20% recurring commissions and 20% upfront, 24/7 chat assistance, and the advantages of being featured on Outgrow’s podcasts and webinars.


For more information about iSpring, visit Intuitive video tutorials, online courses, ebooks, and quizzes may be created using the iSpring Suite.

iSpring Suite also provides a user-friendly interface and caters to all learning needs. That’s why it’s so popular with everyone, from highly qualified university professors to business instructional designers.

iSpring Suite Max and iSpring Suite are included in the affiliate program. So, you can earn up to $77-$97 every sale and over $1000 each month if you can give to 10+ customers.


Wix may be for you if you want infinite profits with minimal work. The renowned web hosting provider gives $100 for every premium referral without any referral limitation.

Wix also provides connections and creatives in all languages, such as landing pages and banners.

However, you must meet a monthly sales objective of $300 to be rewarded. This program may be right for you if your blog, website, or social media channels are regularly visited by prospects interested in developing their website on a hosting platform.


With over 2 million domains hosted, Bluehost has fantastic affiliate programs designed  for entrepreneurs or businesses wishing to monetize their website or blog.

Promoting Bluehost or their services on your website or blog can help you earn from $65 to $130 for each sale.

Bluehost’s affiliate program is completely free, and they track every lead you give them. Bluehost also has affiliate managers that can help or advise.


Hostgator is a great option for small enterprises or startups on a budget, as their basic plan is only $3.84 every month.

You can also become their affiliate for free and earn up to $125 every signup if you give Hostgator 1-5 signups each month.

Choose between tracking links or a personalized coupon code and let your site visitors take a risk-free Hostgator test.

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