Google Nest Mini, the Small Smart Home-based Mini Speaker is renewed

Launched exactly two years ago, the Google Home Mini has since been renamed to Google Nest Mini earlier this year and in today’s Google hardware launch along with Pixel 4 and Nest WiFi, the new Nest Mini packs more power and features.

Google has just officially announced the new Google Nest Mini on 15th October 2019, and we say new because, in reality, it is a relatively improved version of Google Home Mini, but now it is called differently because the company wants to include all its household products under the Nest brand.

Google Nest Mini

It is a small speaker with the same dimensions as its previous generation, 98 × 42 mm. The speaker has not changed although Google says that the microphones have improved to understand the people in your home better with a third microphone and a more powerful speaker.

Now Nest Mini includes a dedicated processor to make learning the commands that you and your family give the Google assistant faster.

A novelty of software is that now you can call all the Nest from the phone to make notices, also communicate with others too, for example, and call your family to eat or send messages between rooms.

Nest Home is that now it will arrive with a new rear cover that will allow this speaker to place on the wall. Why would you want to set this speaker on the wall? Not that it is precisely a work of art, but you suppose there will be people who want to place it in unconventional places.

Google Nest Mini will arrive in four colors. The traditional grey, in Campari (let’s call it red), black and this blue that we show in the images. It will arrive in stores on October 22 for the same price, $49.99.

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Home Mini Successor can hang on the wall

On the eve of the official presentation, we already know precisely what the Google Nest Mini will look. The successor of the Home Mini has mostly the same design, but can be mounted on the wall.

It is by no means the first Google product that leaked out early. We already know what almost all new products will look. After the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, the Nest Mini has also appeared online.

The photos and specifications come from, a generally well-informed website. In terms of design, little seems to change. The Nest Mini, therefore, looks like a Home Mini, but with a hole at the bottom. That way you can mount the compact speaker on a wall.

Just like its predecessor, the Google Nest Mini is 42mm high with a diameter of 98mm. The compact speaker is, of course, equipped with the Google Assistant. This way you can set up songs and add appointments to your diary without using hands.

However, the power supply is more powerful. According to cnet, the compact speaker has a 15 Watt charger — the current Home Mini equipped with 8 watts. The cable would be 1.5 meters long. It seems that the Nest Mini comes in four colors: anthracite, light grey, coral red and blue. The Google Nest Mini will cost $49.99 according to cnet.

The search engine giant will unveil several new products, with the Pixel 4 (XL) in the lead role. Perhaps a Pixel book or Pixel Watch will also be published tomorrow.

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