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DJ Jesse Neo Turns Music Collaboration Mobile – Gemtracks

DJ Jesse Neo Turns Music Collaboration Mobile – Gemtracks

For a long time, those working in the music collaboration industry have been very hands-on in their crafts. This means performing in front of large crowds, penning a song while on the road, and recording hits in studios with guitars in hands. However, as technology begins to leap through every industry, it seems the music industry is next to get disrupted.

The idea of allowing musicians to collaborate and earn a living online is what cause DJ Jesse Neo to launch his platform, Gemtracks. Jesse Neo is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter, producer, composer, and DJ from Australia that has been working in the electronic and hip hop music scene since 2017. After releasing a few tracks, he got noticed by record labels and other media companies. Consequently, he then got hired as a fulltime songwriter and moved to Los Angeles.

It was during his time in the industry’s capital that he realized a lot of technical innovation could apply. “I remember being on the phone talking to clients throughout the day about how my songs should sound like,” the Australian recalled. “Then I would be on call with another client about how payments should made, how much royalties I was expecting, and other mundane stuff like that.”

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It was this stress that inspired Jesse to start his platform, Gemtracks, that would eventually automate all these tasks. In the beginning, he listed some of his unreleased beats and instrumental tracks onto the website. Instantly, purchases of up to $600 started rolling in each day.

One reason for the large sum of profit came down to each beat being able to sold to one customer only. This means after the customer has finished paying for a beat, the beat would remove from the website. The copyright then transferred to the buyer without having to go through any paperwork or lawyer.

“My friends that I worked with stunned,” Jesse said. “Eventually, they recommended I open up the website as a public platform for musicians everywhere to sell their beats. So that’s what I did. The website now houses a variety of hip hop beats for sale among many other genres.”

Today, several big players in the music collaboration industry have already signed up to Gemtracks, including Milana Leybovich, I.Y.F.F.E, Beowülf, and Taylor Carroll. Many of them have worked with companies such as Disney, Warner Music, and Universal Music.

Now, Jesse Neo has announced he had just launched two new sections on Gemtracks. The first is the ability to hire freelance singers and the second book music studios.

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“Seeing the success of Gemtracks, I now want it to the place where musicians can go to collaborate with other artists, earn a modest income and get let their creative side loose control – all in the palms of their hands,” Jesse said. “For those that are new to the industry, there are even free resources to offer guidance. Throughout the website, you can find eBooks, videos, and articles on how to succeed. For example, I have written an article about posting music onto Spotify and getting into playlists to let newcomers realize how easy it is to reach millions of new listeners.”

To contact Jesse Neo, you can follow him on Instagram.

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