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How to Hack or Spy on Social Media Accounts

How to Hack or Spy on Social Media Accounts

As for 2019, some social media have become much better protected. Now, the old hacking algorithms from YouTube videos do not work. However, there are still some methods of hacking an account, resorting to which, we are not trying to find site bugs and thereby circumvent the protection. In today’s issue, we’ll talk about how to hack a social media account based on the method of guessing the password and inattention of the user.

Based on this, we can already conclude: hacking the page through special scripts and encoder files are extremely difficult. For such a job, an experienced hacker with programmer skills required or mSpy spy app.

If you want to gain a better insight into someone else’s online activity, you can also monitor social media apps installed on their smartphone. mSpy allows you to monitor Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Line, and other messengers. Not only can you view sent and received messages, but you can also browse the exchanged media files.
track all social media activity

Why might we need to hack accounts of other People?

Of course, each of you has good reasons that are not worth voicing. We, in turn, concluded that people are attracted to hacking for the following reasons:

It is urgent to find out who is writing messages to your boyfriend/girlfriend. We must say right away: it will not lead to anything good. If you want to have a long-term relationship, trust your partner and add romance to your everyday routine, for example, by implementing winter date ideas to warm up your relationship.

You need to hack your page because the phone number is lost, and the password forgot. Restore access fails. In this case, restore the SIM;

Many people want to learn how to hack someone’s page to provide similar services to other people. They can earn good money on it.

Well, the last reason is power and control. If you have the opportunity to control the personal lives of other people or at least part of it, then you will be proud of yourself. Probably everyone understands perfectly well that vanity is such a sin that you cannot get rid of. Besides, we all have watched movies about hackers and their capabilities. Looking through such plot pictures, people want to be like their heroes.

We decided on the reasons, now let’s move on to hacking methods.

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How to Hack someone’s page?

The first way to hack an account is to pick up a password.

1. You will need a login to enter an account: as a rule, this is the user’s phone number or their mail. If you know the mobile phone number, which, most likely, is tied to the page, then this is great. If not, then very bad. We hope you somehow manage to find out the number.

2. We pass to the second step. Now, through the selection, we will register the password.

Most common passwords:

Date of Birth. try to write down the user’s date of birth in different variations: the number of months, without spaces, year, month, etc .;

It is not uncommon to use a mobile phone number as a password. Sometimes users add the year of birth or some words in the end, like last or first name;

Nickname in an online game. Many do not defend themselves against hacking but set passwords, thinking, “The easier, the better so that I do not forget it;”

Someone’s name: sister, brother, mother, dad, you, girl, teacher, etc.

A set of numbers for extraordinary ease of entry: 123456 in various variations;

The combination of letters in the upper left corner of the keyboard, like qwerty;

Most popular passwords:







Another very popular method of hacking a page is phishing.

It works for beginners in the world of the Internet and, accordingly, for recently registered users of the social networks.

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What is the Point?

You should create a site that looks like the one you try to hack almost wholly copied. What exactly differences do not matter since different programmers develop all phishing resources. Some cope with it more masterfully, and inexperienced users cannot distinguish the real site from the fake. So, there are no specific differences in design and structure.

How is Everything Done?

The user goes to a third-party site, thinking that they have opened a regular website. Then enter the password and log in. Attackers will see the entered data and use them to register the account. If it became clear that you are on the wrong site and the password and login have already sent, then quickly get to the user’s profile and change the password.

How not to fall for the Bait?

To avoid such a fate yourself, the open website from one place. For example, through the express bookmark bar. Useful anti-virus block phishing sites, but not always. If the site is new and you switched to it, then a loyal defender will consider the web resource safe. But then you will get a message or notification that you have fallen victim to a phishing site from the social network’s policy.

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