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What is Backtick? Definition, Advantages, and Powerful Commands

What is Backtick? Definition, Advantages, and Powerful Commands

A backtick key is a small character that looks like a simple, slanted quotation mark and usually calls up the key above the start key of a regular English keyboard. The sign, also known as the marigold key, grave accent, or quotation mark, is complicated because no one knows what to call it. In the country of computer programming, however, it is commonly referred to as the backtick character. So that’s what we call it. Good!

Backtick in Computer Science

A computer backtick represents a “shell” form of the command structure, which some call a “double operator.” In essence, the use of backticks allows you to evaluate a string as part of a general command. It can use in computer languages ​​such as Perl or other types of code.

Backtick in JavaScript

The backtick (`) character is a JavaScript ES6 feature called “template literals” and is used for multi-line strings, embedding expressions/variables in a string, etc. They let you avoid ugly string concatenation syntax.

There are three methods to create strings in JavaScript:

  • Single quotes (‘ ‘)
  • Quotation marks (” “)
  • Backtick literals (` `)

Backticks have several advantages over using quotes.

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The 3 Advantages of Backtick Literals (“) in JavaScript:

1, String Concatenation

The great improvement of backlash literals over quotes is that the variables must be inserted into a string.

2, Clean Code, Less escape with \

The other benefit of backtick literals (“) is that double quotes (” “) or single quotes (‘ ’) do not have to be replaced by a backslash (\).

For example, the three following strings are the same in JavaScript:

Double quotes: "She said:"Don't do that!"
Single quotes: "She said:"Don't do that!"
Backtick literally: `She said:"Don't do that!"

Using backticks to create strings can make the code easier to read.

3, Multi-Line Code

What happens if we create a multi-line string in JavaScript? Do we have a SyntaxError?

The solution would be to add \ n line breaks, but that would make the chain almost illegible.

Backtick literals can solve this problem and are better for HTML.

Backticks are a better way to build string literals in JavaScript, and I wholeheartedly recommend using them.

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Linux Shell Scripting

With the backtick (`), you can assign the output of a shell command to a variable. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is an essential component in scripting. You must surround the whole command line command with backtick characters.

Run Powerful Commands in Chrome

Backtick is a simple and very beneficial extension for Google Chrome. You can say it’s Alfred for Google Chrome. You can run some useful commands and scripts on all websites with a single shortcut.

Press the select button, and a field will open in the top right corner of the website. Now you can type whatever you want to do there, and press Enter to make the action.

Suppose you are on a page and want to tweet the post to your followers. Instead of opening Twitter and writing the tweet, all you have to do is press the select key on your keyboard and type “Twitter” in the “Tweet” field. Twitter’s action and press Enter, the Tweet window opens automatically. You can share the link not only on Twitter but also on Facebook,, Flipboard, Hacker News, Google+, and other websites.

You will also get many other useful actions and scripts. You can do it with a quick key combination. The addition also allows you to create custom actions for your personal use. With a little JavaScript knowledge, you can create custom commands for yourself.

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